Heat Pump Maintenance

Providing Heat Pump Maintenance in Madison County

Your heat pump system in Hamel or the surrounding areas works year-round to provide you with superior comfort and energy-efficiency. But while reliable, this consistent service takes its toll, making professional tune-up and heat pump maintenance services absolutely crucial.

Ernst Heating & Cooling offers superior heat pump maintenance services. We’ve been providing Madison County with the best in reliable service and top-class care for years, and we can guarantee that your heat pump is optimized for perfect efficiency and performance!

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Heat Pump Tune-Up Services in East Metro, IL

Absolutely nothing takes the place of routine professional maintenance service. Your heat pump works hard, and to preserve its efficiency and effectiveness, a top-class care service is absolutely key! Our maintenance service is comprehensive, covering all of your heat pumps needs including:

  • A complete system inspection – Our team performs a full diagnosis and analysis of all moving parts, control systems, thermostat, and more. This check ensures everything is in perfect order, and that your heat pump remains healthy for years to come.
  • Thorough cleaning – Heat pumps accumulate a significant amount of dirt and grime, which can have an adverse impact on the performance of your pump. Our cleaning service restores efficiency and optimizes air flow to improve the comfort in your Illinois home.
  • Lubrication of all relevant moving parts – Your heat pump should work like, and be, a well-oiled machine. Adequate lubrication preserves components and improves function with your heat pump system.
  • Adjustments and electrical connection checks – Loose connections and electrical components can cause your heat pump to work poorly, and can even lead to breakdowns, which is why we perform a very careful check, and tighten connections if needed.

The Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Caring for your heat pump is about more than just a “have to” service. It can bring you loads of excellent benefits, too! When you get heat pump maintenance with Ernst, you can expect:

  • Improved energy-efficiency. Heat pumps are well known for boasting some of the best energy-efficiency of all HVAC systems. But this feature can degrade over time, resulting in higher energy costs and less comfort. When we bring you maintenance services, your heat pump will retain the efficiency levels it had the day it was installed– or better!
  • A longer-lived heat pump. You want a minimum of ten years out of your heat pump ideally, yes? If so, heat pump maintenance is absolutely crucial. Without it, you can expect to cut that lifespan down by up to half.
  • Less frequent cause for repair. Most repair calls our team answers could be absolutely avoided if the homeowner got routine maintenance. It’s not just about cleaning your system, it’s about avoiding risks and preserving your investment, too!
  • Improved air quality. Without all of the dust, pollen, and gunk that normally sits in your heat pump’s system, you’ll be breathing easier in no time.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs – By providing the cleaning and calibration your system needs, it can retain that high heat pump efficiency you loved when you first had the system installed. That means your costs stay down, and your comfort stays high.

Looking for even more benefits, perks, and surefire heat pump solutions? Ask an Ernst professional about joining our Ernst’s Energy Savings Agreement!

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