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10 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Keep Your Home Comfortable and Costs Down

If you have been mulling over your energy bills lately and are looking for ways to keep your home more energy efficient, these 10 tips can help!

  1. Black it Out – Blackout or heavy curtains can not only keep the hot sun out in the summer months but will also help keep the warm air in during the winter months. These curtains are a great idea if you have windows in your home that are a little drafty.
  2. Switch on the Fan – No matter what time of year it is ceiling fans can help. Use fans to help circulate the conditioned air throughout your home. Not only do fans help cool you down in the summer months, they can also help push warm air that rises back into the room.
  3. Get Creative – During the winter months, you may have windows throughout your home that let more cold air in. There are several solutions to this and sometimes getting creative with your solutions is well worth it. Thick blinds and curtains, special sealing tape, and even a rolled up towel can help prevent the cold air from rushing into your home.
  4. Replace It – If you do have overly drafty windows, and the sealing tape isn’t doing the job, it may be time to replace the windows in your home. Keep your home comfortable and utility prices low with new, energy efficient windows that prevent conditioned air from escaping.
  5. It’s all in the Timing – When it comes to the sun and your home, you can do certain things throughout the day to help keep your home comfortable without adjusting the thermostat. In the summer, be sure to keep the blinds closed when the sun is beating down. Make sure your screens are set in place, and open those windows to cool down bedrooms for a good night’s sleep. During winter, open the shades up during peak daylight hours to help heat your home. Looking for a light breeze on a summer night?
  6. Upgrade It – If you haven’t already, upgrading your thermostat to a programmable thermostat can help. Today’s programmable models can even be controlled from your phone—giving you complete access to controlling temperatures when you are away from your home.
  7. Filter It – Be sure to change your AC and furnace filters at the beginning of each new season. When a filter is clogged it can cause your system to have to work harder. Clogged filters use more energy and put stress on your system.
  8. Insulate It – It might be worth having your home’s insulation checked out. Your home’s attic and walls should have an optimum amount of insulation to help keep your heating and cooling bills down. If you suspect your insulation levels are low, check into getting more added to your home.
  9. Maintain It – Keeping your heating and cooling systems well maintained can help keep your home comfortable and your energy costs down. Each system should receive professional maintenance at least once a year.
  10. Turn it Up or Down – A few degrees on the thermostat in either direction can make a big difference to your home’s energy costs. Try adjusting your thermostat for a month at a time to see how much you can save.

Energy Efficient HVAC Products in Hamel & Edwardsville, Illinois

Our team has been providing Hamel and the surrounding areas with quality heating and air conditioning services since we opened in the 1960s. If you are looking for help when it comes to making your home more energy efficient, the team at Ernst Heating & Cooling can help. Contact us today and let us help you start saving money on your heating and cooling costs.

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