Heat Pump Installation Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Hamel, Metro East, IL

Heat Pump Installation in Madison County, Illinois

Living in Madison County means that you have to brace the hot, humid summers and cold winters that are characteristic of Illinois weather. There’s no better way to get through such weather than with a unit that keeps the changing temperatures at tolerable levels. If you don’t have one just yet, it’s high time that you think about heat pump installation in Madison County, Illinois.

In case you have an old one that no longer functions, getting a replacement wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Our HVAC technicians at Ernst Heating & Cooling will asses your needs and recommend a heat pump that’s ideal for your home and within a price range that correlates with your budget.

Find out more about our heat pump installation service by calling 618.217.1836. Also, feel free to contact us online and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Heat Pump Benefits

If you ask around, you’ll find out that most of your fellow residents of Madison County have ditched traditional heaters in favor of heat pumps. Here are the aspects that can be attributed to this:

  • Dual functionality: An air source heat pump has heating and cooling capacity, which means that it has the ability to heat your home during cold weather and cool it during hot weather.
  • Cheaper to run: Compared to direct electric heaters, heat pumps are energy efficient, thus keeping energy bills on the lower side. Furthermore, heat pumps can be powered by solar and wind energy instead of electricity.
  • Easier to operate: There’s a lot of work involved in running biomass and oil boilers. The good thing about heat pumps is that they can be fully automated, thus easy to operate.
  • Safer to use: Compared to biomass and oil heaters, heat pumps leave a smaller carbon footprint. This is because no fuels are required and no combustion is involved, thus there’s no emission of potentially dangerous gases.
  • Requires less maintenance: Compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps are easier and cheaper to maintain. They only need to be cleaned every few months and to be professionally serviced once a year.
  • Uses less space: With heat pumps, no fuel storage is required. That means you can save on space with these systems.

When Should You Replace Your Old Heat Pump?

If you have an older heat pump that is no longer efficiently heating and cooling your home, it may be time for a replacement.

Signs for heat pump replacement:

  • Your energy costs have gone up significantly
  • Your home is no longer comfortable
  • Your system needs constant repairs
  • Your heat pump is over 15 years old

If you feel that your old heat pump may need replacing, have a professional assess the heat pump first. Our HVAC experts at Ernst Heating & Cooling will be able to give you an estimate of the life left in your current system, and provide you with options for replacement. If you suspect your current heat pump is on its way out, to don’t wait to schedule your service!

Heat Pump Installation in Hamel, IL

Being in the Metro East, IL area, Hamel has varying weather conditions that could make a poorly-conditioned home hard to live in. Have your energy bills been through the roof? Is it becoming hard to keep up with your HVAC system’s need for regular maintenance and repair? Solve these problems once and for all by opting for heat pump installation in Madison County, Illinois.

Our technicians at Ernst Heating & Cooling will take a very short time to get your unit up and running, and you won’t even have to break the bank to pay for it. With us, expect no delays, no excuses, and definitely no hidden charges!

Contact us today to schedule a heat pump installation in the Hamel, IL area of Madison County! 

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