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Heat Pump Replacement in Metro East Illinois

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Heat pump systems are built to last, but not last forever. There will come a time when your system starts to lag behind or begins to need far more attention that you care to put in. When this happens to you, the experts at Ernst Heating and Cooling will be ready to assist with a top-class heat pump replacement service!

Our HVAC specialists have been serving home and business owners in Madison County and the surrounding area since 1954, offering reliable service with trusted results since the day when opened our doors. When you’re looking for superior products and the service to match, the name Ernst is all you need to know.

Benefits of a New Heat Pump

Wondering if a replacement for your existing heat pump is worth the investment? Our HVAC experts would say it depends on the potential benefits, and we’re glad to say there are many:

  • Exceptional energy-efficiency. Heat pumps have always been known as one of the systems that are easier on your wallet in terms of energy consumption. But modern systems are absolute leagues ahead of those that are 15, even 10 years older. That means more savings and easier upkeep all in one.
  • Higher heating and cooling performance. The typical history of a heat pump is that it costs less to run, but offers less heating and cooling throughput when compared to a boiler or furnace. We’re glad to say that is a problem that is long gone with a new heat pump system. Modern technology and performance improvements have made air-source units more than powerful enough to keep up with Illinois weather.
  • Fewer repair calls. As systems age, they tend to perform poorly and less reliably. This leads to potentially huge repair costs over the system’s remaining lifespan. In many cases, you can stand to save hundreds or more by replacing preemptively!

Replacing A Furnace with A Heat Pump: Pros & Cons

The decision between a traditional home furnace and a heat pump is one that many homeowners wrestle with when it comes to replacing home heating. Each comes with some specific upsides and drawbacks.

Furnace heat offers a homeowner a very accessible heating solution with a lower initial investment cost. It’s also very strong and typically rather predictable and reliable. That said, a furnace costs more to run due to its lesser efficiency when compared to a heat pump, and furnaces tend to only have an expected lifespan of 10 or so years.

Heat pumps are usually slightly (though only by a small margin) more costly to install when compared to a furnace. However, the higher efficiency ratings and extended average lifespans more than mitigate the initial cost, making a heat pump less expensive long-term. Add in the fact that a heat pump can heat and cool both, and you have a strong all in one system that can provide for your needs all year long.

Professional Heat Pump Replacement in the Metro East

When you’re in need of a service team that is going to put your comfort and needs first, choose Ernst Heating and Cooling and you’ll never get less than the best! With our top-class training and experience, we’re just the right team to help you get the heat pump system that suits your needs to a tee.

Reach out to us online now to schedule a heat pump replacement consultation, or call 618.217.1836!

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