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Don’t “Tax” Your HVAC System (Get an A/C Tune-Up!)


Spring has sprung, and we know what that means! Flowers, showers, and … HVAC tune-ups?

Some people will tell you that you “don’t really need” to have your A/C and furnace inspected, but just think about that for a moment! Would anyone tell you that when it comes to your car? “Oh, you don’t really need an oil change!” Of course not! “Eh, don’t worry about making sure your taxes are done exactly right!”


These are things we would never, ever say!

And yet, when it comes to our HVAC system, we’re automatically more likely to ignore it and assume everything is always running smoothly …

This approach will actually cost you $$$, not save any money. The same thing that would be true with never ever getting maintenance work done on your car or ever replacing its parts, and ending up needing costly replacements (or a whole new vehicle)!

A Longer Life

When it comes to your HVAC system, getting worn-down parts repaired and replaced extends the life of the whole system and gives you more time before needing a new one. Just like your body … preventing unnecessary wear, tear, and stress helps ensure more years of life!

What Happens During a Tune-Up?

As you probably know, your technician fixes or replaces needed parts, and inspects both your A/C and/or furnace, the ductwork, vents, and thermostat during a tune-up. But you may feel like if they inspect it and everything’s always okay, then why is it worth it to get regular tune-ups?

Again, just like with your car, if everything is good to go, that just means you’re lucky (and taking good care of your system!) this time around.

Similar to spark plugs, filters, and oxygen sensors being some of the most common car parts replaced during regular maintenance car, there are some parts that a technician is almost guaranteed to be replacing in someone’s home, every day:

– blower motor

– electrical connections

– condensate drain

– fins

– air filters

Problems with these will be more common than, say, issues with refrigerant levels, or issues with your thermostat. 

But that also means two things:

  1. Changing your car’s oil filter should be as important to you as changing your HVAC air filter.
  2. A common A/C or furnace tune-up will usually involve fixing a common, pretty harmless problem. But that means it is important to have those tune-ups done, not only to replace the parts that need fixing, but to avoid costly maintenance down the line!

You wouldn’t neglect car maintenance, so don’t neglect HVAC maintenance either.

And hey, maybe this reminded you to not only schedule your HVAC tune-up, but to do the same for your vehicle too! Spring is the perfect season for tune-ups.

We care about your comfort, but we also care about saving you as much money as possible. Check out our $96 tune-up offer! You can also contact us online for more information, or give us a call at 618.217.1836.

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