Detecting and Preventing Gas Leaks

Gas Leaks: Detecting And Preventing An Invisible Danger

If you have equipment in your home that uses natural gas, oil or propane, such as a furnace or water heater, the risk of gas leaks is ever-present. While the chances that a gas leak will happen in your home are not very high, it’s important to know how to detect and prevent this invisible danger, and maintain home safety.


Gas leaks are hazardous because they can lead to an explosion or fire, in worst-case scenarios, and because they can be difficult to detect. Here’s what you need to know to detect a leak:

Fortunately, humans are able to smell natural gas used in home equipment because it is combined with a substance that has a smell. If you have a leak, you’ll smell something akin to rotten eggs.

It’s also possible to see natural gas leaks, due to the pressure that occurs when a pipe has a leak. Signs to look for include dust blowing from a pipe or fixture, or bubbling water.

Outdoors, you can see a gas leak if you have plants or other landscaping that is brown or wilting for unknown reasons.

Gas leaks also reveal themselves through sounds such as a hiss or whistle. You’ll typically hear these noises close to the gas meter itself, or coming from the gas-lines or their connections with your furnace or water heater.


Preventing gas leaks is the best possible course of action to avoid this dangerous problem. Having your gas-powered equipment installed by an expert will help to prevent shoddy work that will cause a gas leak to occur in the first place.

In addition, having your equipment regularly serviced by a professional will ensure that it is operating safely. And use a certified, licensed contractor to do the job.

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to gas leaks. With a little know-how and awareness, you can side-step this danger, and know what to do if it does happen. The HVAC experts at Ernst Heating & Cooling are happy to help with this issue and all the rest of your home’s home comfort and safety needs. Contact us today with your questions. Serving homeowners in the Glen Carbon area since 1951.

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