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Heat Pump Operation And Benefits — What You Should Know

If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of a heat pump, it’s time to get the facts. Heat pumps have become an increasingly popular heating and cooling solution for homeowners in the Edwardsville area. They’re efficient, affordable and offer a level of convenience and comfort that’s hard to beat.
The biggest question most people have is just how a heat pump creates heat without relying on combustion. Unlike a gas-fired furnace, a heat pump doesn’t have an open flame. Instead, it uses the same kind of technology that is housed in your refrigerator to create either warm or cool air as needed.

Heat pumps have an indoor and an outdoor component. When the thermostat is set to “heat,” the outdoor component draws in air and extracts the naturally existing heat energy within that air. It then transfers this energy to a refrigerant housed in a condensation coil. During this process, the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas, moves inside the home and then reverts back to a liquid. As it does so, it releases heat that the blower then distributes throughout the home via a system of ducts. When air conditioning is required, the cycle is simply reversed: the heat pump extracts heat from the air inside the home, and releases it outside.

This ability to both heat and cool a home on demand is one of the benefits of a heat pump, but there are others as well. In recent years, there’s been a industry-wide push to make heat pumps as energy efficient as possible. New features like two-speed compressors and variable speed blowers have become more common and affordable, which allows homeowners to significantly reduce energy costs. Saving energy equals saving money — and that’s a benefit everyone will enjoy.

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