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Heatproof Your Home to Keep the Cool In

If you run your AC only to find that you can’t keep the cool air inside your home, and that as soon as you turn the AC off your house heats right back up again, there may be more you can do to heatproof your home.

Tips to Keep the Cool Air In

It can get hot and humid here in Illinois. These tips and ideas can help you keep the cool air in so that you can remain comfortable all summer long.

  • Keep Registers Open and Use Boosters – When it comes to whether you should keep registers open or closed, open is the best answer. To allow the cold air to reach every room in your home and allow your AC vents to work to their full capacity you should leave all vents open. If you have rooms that seem to be warmer, try using a register booster fan.
  • Use Blinds to Block the Sun – Using blinds or curtains during the hottest hours of the day can help block the sun, keeping the heat out of your home. This will also allow your home to keep the cool air in, keeping your whole house more comfortable.
  • Keep Windows and Doors Sealed – Air leaks in windows and doors can let the cold air inside your home seep out. This is basically wasted money! Your air conditioner is working hard to cool your home and gaps are allowing this cold air to leave. Check your window and door seals and add weather stripping as needed.
  • Insulation Matters – Having enough insulation really makes a difference when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. If you don’t have enough insulation your cool air will escape and your house will be left feeling hot and uncomfortable. Have a professional check your insulation levels and consider adding additional insulation in your attic and walls.
  • Have Your Duct Work Clean and Sealed – The cold air created by your AC unit is run through the duct work and pushed into your home. If your duct work has leaks and is not sealed properly then this cold air will escape. Dirty ducts can also be a problem, blocking the air flow and preventing it from getting into your home.
  • Use Fans to Your Advantage – Small pedestal fans or an air circulating fan can help you push cold air from one room to another, this is especially useful if you live in a two story home or you have rooms that tend to get hotter during the summer.
  • Shade Your AC Unit – Providing some type of shade cover for your AC unit is a great idea and can help your unit run more efficiently on those horrible hot days. You could use trees or shrubs, however this may cause leaves and debris to build up in your system. Building a shade fence is a great way to keep your outdoor unit cool in the summer sun.

All of these tips can help your AC unit work better and prevent cool air from leaving your home.

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