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Simple Strategies To Allergy-Proof Your Home As Pollen Season Peaks

When pollen season peaks, you can use all the protection you can get so that your quality of life doesn’t slide.  These strategies to keep your home allergy-proof can help protect you from allergy-irritating factors that can make your life miserable:

Upgrade and Replace Your Air Filters
Air filters all receive a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating that indicates the level of their efficiency.  A MERV 16 will capture a large percentage of the tiny particulates that can enter your air system, including pollen or dust, and prevent them from circulating through your house.  By replacing your filters regularly, you will be guaranteed that your air system isn’t getting overworked and the filters are still working optimally.

Manage Mold
Eliminate any areas where water is allowed to stagnate in your yard.  Fix leaky faucets and pipes so that water doesn’t accumulate and allow mold to grow inside your home.  Avoid opening your windows after an intense rain because airborne mold and mildew can easily float in during these times.  An HVAC contractor can install an ultraviolet light to aid your allergy-proofing efforts.  These kill dangerous microorganisms like mold as soon as they enter your air system.

Purchase A Hygrometer
These help you monitor the humidity level in your home.  If your humidity level is consistently at 60 percent or higher, this means that mold and other airborne pollutants can thrive easily in your house.  This may be a sign that you need a dehumidifier to enhance your indoor air quality.

Increase Ventilation In Dark Parts of Your Home
Add vent fans to your attic to keep the humidity levels below 50 percent.  You can easily replace the covers of your attic’s soffits with ridged vents to establish a natural airflow without allowing rain to get into your attic.

Use Exhaust Fans
Many kitchen and bathroom fans simply recirculate the air.  If you can, replace them with exhaust fans that will send air outside to prevent the same particles in your air from being circulated throughout your house.

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