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Spring is the Season for HVAC Maintenance

Technicians behind an outdoor HVAC unit

Maintenance is essential to keep your HVAC running at its peak. But when’s the best time to get your air conditioner tune-up?

It’s right now!

The reason that early spring is the best time to schedule your tune-up, as you might imagine, is because it’s far better to catch a problem BEFORE turning your A/C on for the year, or at least before it has to start working hard. The same way that you don’t wait to do car maintenance until you’re practically running it into the ground — for example, waiting several thousand miles to get an oil change — you shouldn’t wait to get a HVAC tune-up!

Another good reason to schedule your tune-up right now, as early as possible, is because our techs tend to be the busiest in the summer months (people who weren’t as prepared as you, and didn’t get a tune-up, have their A/C break down)! So, although we always provide speedy service, getting an A/C tune-up now is a great way to avoid any time without air conditioning, in the future.

In fact, with regular tune-ups, you may be able to avoid ANY A/C repairs, for the entire service life of your system. It’s possible!

One other reason to get a tune-up as quickly as possible is, every day that you have a freshly tuned-up system is a day you’re saving money (at least a little bit). The U.S. Department of Energy[1] says that regular HVAC maintenance helping your system run as efficiently as possible saves you up to 30% on your monthly energy bills! Similarly, according to the Indoor Air Quality Association website[2], getting tune-ups every year makes your HVAC system last longer, and also reduces the chance of a system breakdown as much as a whopping 95%! We don’t know about you, but those odds sound good to us! The odds of saving money in the long run by scheduling a tune-up now, that is. (We’re sure that the number would be 100%, except there is unfortunately no such thing as a 100% reliable air conditioner. Which is why tune-ups are important, in the first place!)

Yes, spring is that time of year to get a tune-up, and just the same as car maintenance, it’s really a necessity and not an optional luxury. However, we want to make tune-ups in your Hamel home as affordable as possible for you. That’s why we’re taking $74 off ours: Ernst tune-ups are now discounted to just $96! Click here for your coupon, or you can also call us any time at 618.217.1836.

[1] IAQA (referencing Dept. of Energy)

[2] IAQA

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