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The Heat Is On—Are You Sure Your Family Is Safe From Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide detectors are the only way to protect your family from this odorless and potentially deadly gas. These devices become even more vital in the winter because you are using your fireplace, furnace, water heater or whatever other heating equipment you use more and more. If you do not yet have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, make sure that you get some as soon as possible.

When searching for a carbon monoxide detector, you will realize that there are many different types. The main difference comes in how they are powered. The most simple kind plugs directly into the wall but can be rendered inoperative if you suffer a power outage. Since that’s a common time for people to use backup heating systems such as kerosene heaters or gas stoves, it’s important that your detector have a battery backup so that you have constant protection.

Other models run only on batteries, allowing you to have more flexibility with where you position them. This means that you can put them in more discreet locations than directly on your wall. Make sure they are equipped with a warning noise that indicates when the sensor is malfunctioning or the battery is low so that you can address the issue at once.

Another type of detector works to warn you of both carbon monoxide and smoke. This can reduce the number of safety instruments you need to have in your home. These have to be hard-wired directly into your home’s electrical system and mounted to your ceiling to work effectively. Be sure that you don’t mistake a unit that only works to detect one of the dangers as a unit that detects both.

Once you have decided on the ideal type of carbon monoxide detector for your home, placement is very important. Make sure that you install them on at least every floor of the home, and preferably near each sleeping area. Position them within 15 feet of the bedroom door so that they can awaken the occupants in the middle of the night if necessary.

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