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What A Good A/C Preventive Maintenance Check Should Include

An air conditioning system is a complicated, expensive piece of equipment. To keep it in good working order and to extend the life of the system as long as possible, regular preventive maintenance is essential.

There are a couple of things you as a homeowner can do on your own that are inexpensive and easy. First, change your air conditioning filter regularly. Keeping the filter clean so that nothing hinders airflow will help ensure that your system runs efficiently. In humid climates, homeowners should also make sure condensation drains are working. Any additional moisture has to make its way down this drain, and you want to prevent water damage and mold growth.

There are several other areas of the A/C that need preventive maintenance, but these are things you should have a professional come and check.

  • Because coils are critical to the system’s efficiency and for the release of cool air, a contractor should clean any buildup on the coils. Clean coils mean the A/C is more reliable and efficient at doing its job.
  • Ducts are the delivery point for conditioned air; therefore, a contractor will check for air leaks and proper air flow through the duct system.
  • Condensation lines, even though you are already checking them, should be inspected by a licensed professional who can see things that you can’t. A contractor makes sure that lines are not clogged and that moisture can flow freely through them.
  • Electrical parts of the system are critical as an energy conduit to run the entire A/C. Any lines that are damaged, frayed or corroded create a safety hazard.
  • A contractor will also inspect the motor for the A/C unit to ensure that voltage and power currents are accurate.

Treat your air conditioning system with the kind of preventive care it deserves. After all, it keeps you cool during the hot summer months – and that’s comfort you don’t want to take chances with.

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