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Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking?


Water leaking from your air conditioner (A/C) is one of the last things you want to see (well, besides smoke emanating from it)! This is actually a big problem and could signal that your A/C is about to break! Here is what to do:

Turn Off the A/C

Your system should not be leaking water whatsoever. If it is, you need to turn it off to prevent further damage. Turn it off at the thermostat, then go outside and switch the power off at the circuit box near the unit. 

Although the first thing you want to do with a leaky air conditioner is call a tech to come look at the system, it’s also good for you to know possible reasons for the leak:

  1. Clogged Drain

The way your air conditioner works is … warm air from outside passes through ice-cold coils, and when the hot air hits the cold coils, this creates condensation (gas turning into a liquid). This moisture is drained out, or at least it’s supposed to! If the condenser line is dirty — either with actual dirt, or rust or even algae — it can get clogged, causing a leaky A/C.

  1. It’s Too Cold Out!

We know that if you’re reading this in June, hearing that it’s “too cold outside” to run your A/C sounds like a cruel joke.

But just so you know, if it’s too cold outside and you have your air conditioner on anyway, the coils mentioned above can become icy! Overall, be careful not to accidentally have your A/C running if the temperature outside is below 60 degrees.

  1. Not Enough Refrigerant

There’s something else that can make your coils freeze up: refrigerant flow problems, or not enough refrigerant in the coils. There is a multitude of issues that could cause this, from coils that are too small, to complex problems with temperature, pressure, or charge of system components.

Any of these issues could cause a refrigerant flow problem … even something like a dirty suction filter that prevents refrigerant from being circulated quickly enough. Overall, these are issues that must be handled by a technician, but it’s interesting to know what might be causing your air conditioner to leak!

  1. Dirty Air Filter

We mentioned that a dirty suction filter could results in a leaky A/C, and there’s not much you as a homeowner can do about that other than call a technician.

But there’s one dirty filter you should definitely keep an eye on! If you have a dirty air filter, the restricted air flow causes frozen coils. Again, when that ice melts, you could get a leaky A/C.

If you haven’t replaced your air filter in a while, please do so and then see if the leak persists. If it does, you’ll want to turn off your system to prevent further damage, and call us right away.

We not only fix leaky air conditioners, but any issue you might encounter this summer. If you’re experiencing anything other than perfect HVAC comfort in your Hamel home, contact us online or call us at 618.217.1836 so we can keep you comfortable! 

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