Don't Let These Common A/C Problems Get You Down

Don’t Let These Common A/C Problems Get You Down

Having A/C problems in your home can be a real inconvenience. When your A/C is on the fritz, your home becomes uncomfortable and you end up incurring an unwanted expense to fix the problems. Understanding the most common problems that occur with your air conditioner, their causes and their solutions can provide prompt detection and resolution so you can avoid an uncomfortable home and unnecessary repair bills.

Five common A/C problems include:

  1. Leaky ducts or decreased airflow: There are two causes to these problems. First, inadequate maintenance of your cooling system such as not regularly changing your air filter. This can decrease the airflow of your system. Second, improper installation can result in leaky ducts or diminished airflow, which speaks to the importance of hiring a professional to install your cooling system and properly connect it to your air ducts.
  2. Electric Problems: There are various causes to electrical problems. Compressors and fan controls can wear out from turning your system on and off, wire corrosion, the tripping of the high-pressure limit switch, or an oversized unit working too hard. The potential occurrence of these problems is why you should regularly have your air conditioner serviced.
  3. Sensor failure: With a room A/C, the cause of sensor failure is usually caused by the sensor being jarred out of position. It’s an easy fix to bend it back to its proper position near the coil but not actually touching it.
  4. Drainage problems: Clogging of your condensate drain is the usual culprit of any drainage problems your A/C experiences.
  5. Operator error: Make sure you don’t operate your A/C with doors or windows open.

What are the common solutions to your A/C problems?

The solutions you can do yourself include regularly cleaning your air filters, checking fuses and breakers when you have electrical problems, resetting your compressor, and adjusting the sensor to its correct position.

However, the number one resolution to these problems is having a qualified HVAC professional install and maintain your air conditioning system. The professional will ensure your system is properly sized and has the proper refrigerant charge. The technician will keep your system working properly with an annual tune-up.

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