Consider Adding UV Lights To Your HVAC System For Cleaner Indoor Air

Want Cleaner Air? Consider Adding UV Lights To Your HVAC System

Cleaner air is now easier to achieve with the innovation of the electrostatic filter and with high-intensity UV (ultraviolet) lights that are directly installed into your HVAC system. Electrostatic filters capture dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander by attracting them to a surface that is charged, whereas UV lights kill potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and mold spores by damaging their cell walls. This eliminates their ability to reproduce, resulting in cleaner air. A humidity control system will help to control the ambient humidity that also contributes to mold and bacterial growth in your home. These three systems can work in tandem to significantly reduce substances in your indoor air that can cause or exacerbate allergies and other illnesses.

The UV Lights are directly installed into your existing HVAC system and are plugged into an outlet, so there is no need to hard-wire the unit directly to your breaker box. The UV units generally come in both one-lamp and two-lamp versions. They also have a variety of wattages and other features to choose from as well. The more intense the UV is, the more protection you will receive from the unit. The benefits you will receive from a UV system will be noticeable by the absence of household odors, less mold, and fewer instances of contracting illnesses from airborne pathogens and allergens.

But don’t forget; UV lights specifically target organic particulates. You’ll need supplementary air-cleaning strategies to eliminate the non-organic dust and debris in your indoor air.

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