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Are You Eligible for HVAC Rebates?


Here at Ernst, there’s nothing we love more than a great deal! We have plenty of our own, but we also want to point you in the direction of local HVAC-related rebates.

What are the rebates?

These HVAC rebates are for purchases of energy-efficient HVAC products. These rebates are brought to you by ENERGY STAR, and Ameren Illinois. In case you didn’t know, not only is Ameren a power company, but they are also really into reducing environmental impact, and saving you money in the process of saving energy and the environment!

That’s why they’re actually offering a rebate for Ameren customers right now on smart thermostats, as well as a discount on qualifying air conditioners and heat pumps.

OK, how much money can I save?

By installing an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat, you get a $100 rebate. You might wonder which qualifying smart thermostat is a good choice to save even more energy and money in the long run … How about Ernst’s line of Honeywell thermostats? Programmable thermostats can save you up to hundreds of dollars a year on heating and cooling, by putting you in direct control of your energy use (allowing you to “set it and forget it”)! As you can see, not only can you get a $100 rebate on a smart thermostat through Ameren Illinois, but you can also save hundreds more due to the efficiency of that smart system.

View the Smart Thermostat deal HERE.

But that’s not the only incentive from Ameren Illinois! Check out these awesome equipment rebates: You can get $350 on a new air conditioner that is 16 SEER or higher. Even better, you can get $600 if your current air conditioner is less than 10 SEER. You can get $600 on a new heat pump that is 16 SEER or higher. Or, get $850 on a new heat pump, if your current heat pump is less than 10 SEER!

Out with the old, in with the new!

View the heating and cooling equipment deals HERE.

Is there a deadline?

Yes! The deadline of both the smart thermostat rebate, and the new air conditioner / heat pump incentive, is 12/31/2020.

If you are considering high-efficiency HVAC equipment and are interested in these rebates and incentives, why not use an Ameren Illinois Program Ally to install your new equipment here in Hamel? Ernst is one of these Program Allies. To learn more, contact us online or call us at 618.217.1836. We want to help you save money, and save the planet too!

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