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How Ernst’s Comfort Plan Could Save Your Unit

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With regular HVAC maintenance, our technicians will be able to stop potential issues in their tracks before they affect you and your wallet! Today we’re going to talk about all the benefits of the Ernst Comfort Plan.

Fixing problems that would go unnoticed by the customer

As you’re probably well aware, there are many common HVAC problems that aren’t going to be apparent to the average person until it’s too late! For example, a furnace can develop an ignition problem and stop working. The most common cause of this problem is dirt getting into the flame sensor, the pilot, or the burners. An issue with the gas supply line could also cause the ignition to stop working. Or, it could be a malfunctioning component of the ignition itself that’s the problem! The point we’re making is that, whatever the cause of the broken furnace is … the average person can’t diagnose or prevent the problem. And by the time you notice a funny smell, unusual noise, or underperforming system, chances are it’s too late, and you already have an expensive problem on your hands!

So that’s why annual maintenance through our Ernst Comfort Plan is the best choice – because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And our techs will inspect every part of your system when they come for a visit.

Other awesome benefits of Ernst’s Comfort Plan

Preventing HVAC breakdowns isn’t the only benefit of the Ernst Comfort Plan. Besides offering two tune-ups a year (one on the air conditioner, one on the furnace), another benefit of the plan is that you get a 15% discount on any and all repairs! You also get a 15% discount on filters from us. So you can and likely will absolutely save money from the Ernst Comfort Plan, in addition to reducing your chance of a system breakdown. This is an investment! Now is the ideal time to sign up, and tune up your furnace for maximum performance.

So many Hamel and Metro East Illinois residents are very satisfied with the Ernst Comfort Plan, and the peace of mind that comes with it. For more information, contact us online today or call 618.217.1836. The Ernst Comfort Plan could save your HVAC system!

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