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Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid

During the winter, you want to make sure your heating system is running at optimal levels. There’s nothing worse than losing heat when the Metro East’s temperatures are at or below freezing. Here are a few common heating mistakes to avoid that will keep your system running smoothly and save you money.

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Don’t Crank Up the Thermostat

This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to heating a home, and in reality, it’s inefficient and can be detrimental to your heating system. Many people mistakenly believe that cranking up the thermostat will heat up your home faster. But in reality, if you turn up the heat 10 degrees or 20 degrees, it’s still going to take the same amount of time to warm up 10 degrees. There’s no need to force the system into overdrive because this can lead to unnecessary strain.

Don’t Set the Temperature Too Low at Night 

Any extreme temperature can be hard on your heating system, so while you should avoid cranking up your heat, you also shouldn’t turn it down too much at night. Turning it down a few degrees can help save money, but if you let the house get too cold in winter, you risk the chance of your pipes bursting. recommends turning heat down 8 degrees for at least 8 hours in order to save money on heating bills. Any more than this can cause problems and prevent a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Let the Heat Run Constantly

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to give your heating system a break. Lowering the temperature when you’re at work not only saves money, but it’s also beneficial to the system. Just remember not to let the house get too cold (see #2). Some thermostats can be set to a lower temperature during the day when you’re out, and then automatically heat up by the time you get home.

Do Open Your Curtains on Sunny Days

Letting sunlight in through the windows is a great indirect way to heat your home. Why make your heater do all the work when Mother Nature can chip in? Making sure the curtains on south-facing windows are open is especially effective.

Do Lock Your Windows

This mistake may not be as obvious, but it’s a good one to remember. When you lock your windows, you seal them off from the outside. Simply shutting your windows isn’t as effective as making sure all of them are locked and sealed, preventing cool air from leaking into your home.

Do Schedule Regular Heating Maintenance

Just like bringing your car in for an oil change, it’s important to have your heating system inspected annually. Regular maintenance can help prevent a small problem from becoming a bigger issue, which is not only an inconvenience, but it can be expensive too. Homeowners in Madison County can rely on Ernst Heating & Cooling to ensure your heating system is in the best shape possible.

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