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Considerations Of Effective Ductwork Design

Designing and implementing an efficient ductwork system has many benefits. Similar to cleaning your ducts, proper ductwork design will save you money on your energy bills and increase the overall comfort of your home for you and your family. The health benefits to having a well designed duct system should not be understated either; minimizing the potential entry points for pollutants in your ducts will yield cleaner air for your home.

Several of the primary considerations to take into account for your home’s ductwork design include:

  • Ensure Ducts are Sealed Preventing leaks from occurring in your duct system is a must. Properly insulated ducts minimize the possibility of leaks sabotaging your HVAC unit’s heating or cooling capacity as well as saves you money.
  • Location Matters – Newer homes typically feature duct systems located within the conditioned space of the home. This placement results in much better efficiency for your ducts and equipment. If possible, taking advantage of this placement in your home is well worth the cost and effort.
  • Products to Avoid – Steer clear of using cloth-backed, rubber adhesive duct tape. It is known to quickly fail, resulting in broken seals. Instead, opt for mastic, butyl tape or foil tape.
  • Basement Suggestions – Basement water pipes and drains can be at risk of freezing and bursting in the winter if they are located in unconditioned air space. The heat from properly insulated ducts is often to sparse to prevent such a result. To combat this, layer electric heating tape on the pipes where applicable.
  • Consult a Professional – By maintaining regular contact with a professional about your home’s duct system, you can receive confirmation that every action performed will be in the interest of efficiency and effectiveness.

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