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If Your Energy Costs Are Rising, There Is Reason — Find Out Why With An Energy Evaluation

If you have noticed that your energy costs have been steadily rising, you should have an energy evaluation performed so that you can identify the source of the problem and fix it. With winter arriving in a few months, you will begin to use your heating equipment more and more, making it even more important to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Your energy evaluation should be performed by an experienced energy auditor. Before they begin their inspection, inform them of any heating or cooling problems you have been having. They will perform an initial visual inspection, looking around the house for areas where common problems occur.

There are a number of tests they use to locate leaks that may be the root of your reduced energy efficiency. One is the blower-door test. This entails mounting a fan to a doorframe and turning it on so that it sucks the air out of the house. This forces outside air to seep in, and with the aid of a smoke pencil, the auditor can locate spots that need to be addressed.

Thermographic scans use infrared video to locate parts of the house that are warmer or cooler than the rest. These areas often need additional insulation to keep your house as efficient as possible.

The audit will not result in any recommendations that force you to make substantial lifestyle changes. Most are simple suggestions that can be done quickly and affordably. One of the most common suggestions is to repair leaks in your ductwork. When there are cracks, leaks or gaps in your ducts, air escapes into areas unnecessarily, wasting conditioned air in your attic or crawlspaces.

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