The Thought Of Replacing The Furnace Is Spine Chilling? A Buyer's Guide To Ease Your Worries

The Thought Of Replacing The Furnace Is Spine Chilling? A Buyer’s Guide To Ease Your Worries

A furnace is a major household expense, and unfortunately, it’s an expense that few people factor into their budgets. However, as the Midwest air begins to chill, the idea of paying heating costs with your old, inefficient furnace can be just as scary as the thought of investing in a new unit. The good news is that, while a new gas furnace might seem like a large chunk of money, high-efficiency models will lower your monthly utility bills and reduce household energy usage while effectively heating your home. In order to locate the system for your needs, consider the points in our simple buyer’s guide for replacing the furnace in your home:

Size – The size of your furnace should directly relate to the amount of space you’ll need to heat. A furnace that’s too small will not provide adequate heating and will leave you shivering in the dead of winter. A furnace that’s too large, however, will result in other problems. For example, larger furnaces cycle off and on more often, which uses too much energy, puts strain on the system’s components, provides uneven heating, and doesn’t filter your indoor air as well.

Efficiency rating – Consider the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. This higher the percentage, the more heat a furnace can pull from a single therm of gas. In other words, the closer a system is to 100 percent, the more efficient it will be in heating your home.

Cost – When comparing the cost of various units, keep in mind that high-efficiency furnaces are usually more expensive than their standard-efficiency counterparts. However, while the price may be higher, you can eventually more than recoup the additional expense in the money you save on utility bills.

Installation – In order for a furnace to work efficiently, it must be correctly installed. Ensure that the HVAC contractor you choose is well experienced in installation and adheres to HVAC industry standards. Improper installation can lead to wasted energy and expensive repairs further down the line.

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