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How Can You Conserve Energy and Enjoy Indoor Air Quality at Home?

Energy saving tips

You’ve probably heard that improved indoor air quality can improve health and comfort for everyone at home. After all, indoor air can be more seriously polluted than outside air! But you don’t want to sacrifice energy efficiency when you invest in an indoor air filtration system.  How can you have both? Your friends at Ernst Heating & Cooling are here to tell you how to enjoy cleaner indoor air without sacrificing responsible energy use.

How do air purification systems work?

There’s something nasty in the indoor air, and you want it gone! Your HVAC system is equipped with an air filter to capture the bigger particles of dirt, dust, and pollen that are trying to gain entrance to your home. But other smaller air space invaders like microorganisms, mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens can slip through the filters. Air purification systems clean the air by relying on different types of improved technologies:

  • HEPA filters are dense and more effective at nabbing these smaller irritants.
  • Air ionizers release ions that attach to pollutants and push them down to the floor or other surfaces, where they can be wiped away.
  • UV light purifiers can destroy certain microorganisms like bacteria and viruses that may make you or your family members feel sick.

Ernst Heating & Cooling can help you determine which air quality solution answers your family’s needs and fits within your budget, whether it’s a standalone unit or an air filtration system attached to your existing HVAC system. But most air purification systems run on electricity, and savvy consumers want to keep their energy costs down. Read on to find out how to enjoy clean indoor air while minimizing your energy bill’s bottom line.

Energy saving tips for air cleaners

To be effective, your air purification system should run throughout the day. Fortunately, most indoor air solutions don’t use much energy. Even so, you can reduce your costs further by following these tips:

Choose an energy-efficient system. ENERGY STAR-certified air cleaners can be up to 25 percent more efficient than their standard counterparts. When you do your homework, you can save money over time with better energy efficiency.

Replace your air filter regularly. If your regular or HEPA air filter does its job correctly, it will slowly become clogged with the dust and dirt it’s trapping. Over time, your system must work harder to pull in air, increasing your energy bills. Make sure you’re changing your filters according to the manufacturers’ recommendation. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your air filter, it’s probably past due for a replacement.

Upgrade your system. Most machinery tends to break down over time, and indoor air cleaners are no exception. Consider too that technology is always improving. The system installed in your home when you moved in a decade ago may be slow and creaky compared to the newer systems on the market. Remember, Ernst Heating & Cooling offers regular special savings on HVAC and indoor air quality solutions that can save you more money!

Clean your ductwork. Dust and debris can take up residence within your ductwork, forcing your air cleaner to work harder and use more energy. Consider professional duct cleaning to thoroughly rid your ductwork of mold, pollen, dust, or other pollutants.

Enjoying cleaner indoor air while being a responsible energy consumer is possible. If you’re ready to discuss indoor air quality solutions, call Ernst Heating & Cooling at 618.217.1836, or schedule your appointment online. You can trust the professional HVAC technicians at Ernst Heating & Cooling to help you find the right air quality solution for your home and budget. Keep the air clean – and your energy bills lower – with Ernst Heating & Cooling!

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