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Maintenance Agreement

Why You Should Purchase an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Do you have an HVAC maintenance plan like the Ernst Comfort Plan? Have you ever wondered if these plans are worth their price? Please read our online blog to determine why you should consider a program like the Ernst Comfort Plan.

Five tips

Top Five Reported Problems With Residential HVAC Systems

Are you listening to your HVAC unit? Keep an eye out for common issues and address them now, before problems develop. Check out our blog for the top five issues reported with residential HVAC systems.

air quality and allergies

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Spring Allergies

Spring allergies can have you huddled in a corner with your tissue box. Did you know allergens can make their way indoors? Ernst Heating & Cooling helps you reduce spring allergy symptoms with indoor air quality solutions. Please find out more in our online blog.

High-efficiency air filter

How Do Air Filters Affect the Efficiency of Your Cooling System?

A high-efficiency air filter might not be the best choice for your home’s heating and A/C system. How do you know which air filter to choose for your home? Our blog offers answers.

replacing ductwork

When Should You Consider Replacing the Ductwork in Your Home?

Aging ductwork can lead to indoor temperature issues and higher energy bills. Our blog offers tips on when it may be time to replace your home’s ductwork.

Geothermal heat pump

How does a geothermal heat pump work?

Geothermal heat pumps maximize energy efficiency by pulling or removing heat from underground, where the temperature tends to fluctuate less. Please find out how this system works in our online blog.

snowstorm prep

Tips to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Snowstorm

Winter isn’t over yet. If the forecast calls for snow, make sure you prepare your home for the storm. Check out tips on our online blog.

Blinking light on furnace

What Does the Blinking Light on My Furnace Mean?

Did you know your furnace can communicate with you? Blinking red light means your furnace has something to say. Read about furnace speak in this month’s blog.

MERV rating

What Is a MERV Rating for Air Quality?

Not all air filters are the same. Understanding MERV ratings can help homeowners decide which air filter is right for them. Read more at our blog.  

Save home energy

Ways to Save Energy Around Your Home

Energy costs are expected to soar this winter. Find out how you can save energy and cut costs around your home in this month’s blog.

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