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The importance of air quality

Why Indoor Air Quality is So Important

You may not be able to spot them, but indoor air pollutants can have short-term and long-term effects on your health 🤧 . Our blog looks at why indoor air quality is so important. 

The value of an AC tune-up

The True Value of an A/C Tune-up

Are you tempted to skip your annual A/C tune-up? 🤷🏽 You may save a couple of dollars now, but you risk paying more in the long run. Learn about the true value of an A/C tune-up in our online blog.

Cleaning vents

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your HVAC System

It’s spring cleaning time! 🌼🧹. Your spring cleaning chores should include your HVAC system, and we have some spring cleaning hacks to get you started. Read them on this month’s online blog.

Air Quality and pets

How Do You Take Care of Your Indoor Air Quality When You Have Pets?

Pets🐕🐈bring great joy to our homes, but they can also fill our indoor air with pet hair, dander, and other allergens. 🤧Ernst Heating & Cooling has air quality tips and strategies in this month’s blog.

Facts vs. Myths in HVAC

Common HVAC Myths vs. Facts

Are you falling for HVAC myths? If you’re relying on bad information, you may pay more for energy expenses. We bust ❌ a few HVAC falsehoods in this month’s online blog.

Thermostat upgrade

Can an Old Thermostat Cost You Money on Your Energy Bills?

Your home’s thermostat may be outliving its usefulness. An older thermostat can cost you more energy bills and comfort🥵🥶. Find out why in this month’s blog.

5 ways to love your HVAC system

5 Ways to Love Your HVAC System

February is the month for love, and your HVAC system deserves to feel some TLC. 🤗 Ernst Heating & Cooling gives you five ideas for sharing the HVAC love this month.

How does a furnace work

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold – A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding How Your Furnace Works

As a homeowner in Hamel, IL, knowing how your furnace works and how vital it is in keeping you comfortable throughout the winter. But as a homeowner, the technology might get foggy when trying to explain to your HVAC tech what the problem may be. So, we’re here to help with Furnace 101.

helping clean the air

Five Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

The cold weather ❄️🧊is sending us all indoors this winter. Air pollutants, germs, dust, and other irritants can keep us from feeling our best. Find out how Ernst Heating & Cooling can help you clear the air. ⬇

furnace blowing cold air

Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

There’s nothing quite as cozy as hunkering down in your warm home during a winter storm. The weather outside might be frightful, but you’re inside enjoying your comfortable heat thanks to your working furnace. It’s all good until you notice things aren’t as warm as they should be, and your furnace is blowing cool air instead of offering a warm respite. Why is this happening?

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