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What’s the difference between an A/C compressor and an A/C condenser?

Summer is winding down, but the heat may not yet be quite finished in the East Metro area. You want your home’s A/C to continue cooling, and Ernst Heating & Cooling is here to help. You’ve probably heard about A/C terms like compressors and condensers, but you may not know how each one works to keep your home comfortable. The names may sound similar, but each is a separate component designed to remove uncomfortable heat from your home’s interior and replace it with cool relief. Read on to learn more about compressors, condensers, and how everything works with your HVAC system.

stocked work truck

What tools and supplies are in the back of an HVAC truck?

Nothing is more welcome when the heating or A/C is out in your Metro East home than trained Ernst Heating & Cooling HVAC technicians and their trusty work truck or van. They’re here to fix what’s broken or give your system a tune-up to ensure it keeps working through the changing seasons. Have you ever wondered what tools and supplies are in our Ernst Heating & Cooling vehicles? Read on for a peek inside.

Looking for red flags shopping for HVAC company

Watch for Red Flags When You’re Shopping for an HVAC Company

Do you know what red flags🚩 to watch out for when searching for HVAC service? Our online blog spells out some of the warning signs. NEED BLOG LINK.

Five Home Maintenance Facts You May Not Know

Are you doing everything possible to keep your home’s HVAC system in tip-top shape? Our online blog offers five home 🏠 maintenance facts you may be missing.

perfect temperature energy-wise for your home?

What’s the perfect temperature energy-wise for your home?

Are you fighting over the temperature in your home this summer? What do the experts say about the ideal indoor temperature for comfort and energy efficiency? Read more in our online blog.🔽

choosing an HVAC company

Get started guide to choosing your HVAC company

Your home 🏡 comfort is essential, especially during the hot summer. Check out this month’s blog to find the best HVAC companies in your area. 🔽

heat ump keeping home cool

Can a Heat Pump Cool Your Home?

Heat pumps pull double duty in the summer, pumping the heat out of your home and keeping it cool and comfortable. Our online blog will find out how heat pumps are a viable alternative to the traditional air conditioner unit.

HVAC & vacation prep

Prepping Your HVAC System for Your Summer Vacation

It’s summer vacation time! ✈🌴 Before you leave, make sure your HVAC unit is ready for your break, too. Read our vacation prep tips on our online blog.

Maintenance Agreement

Why You Should Purchase an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Do you have an HVAC maintenance plan like the Ernst Comfort Plan? Have you ever wondered if these plans are worth their price? Please read our online blog to determine why you should consider a program like the Ernst Comfort Plan.

Five tips

Top Five Reported Problems With Residential HVAC Systems

Are you listening to your HVAC unit? Keep an eye out for common issues and address them now, before problems develop. Check out our blog for the top five issues reported with residential HVAC systems.

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