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How to Stop the Battle Over the Thermostat in Your Home

thermostat wars

Do you and your spouse disagree over the ideal temperature setting at home? Is someone constantly trying to adjust the thermostat? If your Metro East home feels like a battleground between hot and cold, Ernst Heating & Cooling can help with tips and suggestions for ending the thermostat wars. 

Simple solutions

Sometimes the easy solution is also the best one. If you’re tired of a thermostat family feud, give some of these suggestions a try: 

Split the difference. If you want the AC to be set at 68 degrees and your roommate is happier at 72 degrees, consider a compromise. Agree to set the thermostat to 70 degrees and stick to it.  

Invest in fans or space heaters. A fan doesn’t necessarily cool the air, but it can cool the person who’s feeling the air flow as it displaces the warm air that accumulates around us. Small space heaters help the colder folks, creating a bubble of warmth in an otherwise cool home. 

Dress in layers. If you tend to be cold, keep a sweater nearby to keep you warm. You can discard it quickly when it’s time to go outside into the heat. If you’re always hot, make sure you’re wearing light clothes and drinking cold beverages to keep your body heat down. 

Permanent changes

If you’ve tried the suggestions above and still find yourself shivering or sweating it out while your spouse or roommate seems content, it may be time to call in the Ernst Heating & Cooling experts. We’ve managed to negotiate peace in many uneven temperature households with our home comfort solutions: 

Install a zoned or ductless HVAC system. A zoned system divides your home into different zones and lets you set specific temperatures for each area. Mom can stay warm with a good book in the front room while dad hangs out with the cool kids in his man cave. Ernst Heating & Cooling can help you determine if you want to heat or cool each level of your home individually, or if you would rather divvy it up by individual rooms or spaces. A zoned system makes sense for many families, even if they’re not fighting over the thermostat. It can tackle that one room that always stays colder than the rest, or it will cool the gathering space while you’re hosting a holiday party.  

Install a smart thermostat. Unlike the traditional thermostat, today’s smart thermostats are the precision control stars. Older thermostats relied on a metal temperature sensor within the unit, which sometimes overcompensated by making the room temporarily hotter or cooler before settling on the desired temperature. Smart thermostats have digital sensors that keep your home within 1 degree of the desired setting. If you’re tired of feeling too warm or too cool when your home comfort system kicks on, a smart thermostat may be your new BFF. Many smart thermostats can be connected to your Wi-Fi, letting you stay in control through your phone. If your hot-blooded spouse is away for the day, you can set your home temperature a bit higher and schedule a cooldown time for later. Plus, a smart thermostat can save you money on your energy bills.  

Don’t let the thermostat wars heat up (or freeze out) your happy home. Reach out to Ernst Heating & Cooling to talk about home comfort solutions. Call us at 618.217.1836 or fill out our online form. It’s time for a peaceful, comfortable home for everyone! 

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