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Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

You come home to a stuffy home. When you do a little investigating, you discover that your AC unit is leaking water. Now you’re facing a hot home and a wet mess. What’s going on here? Ernst Heating & Cooling, your Hamel, IL, AC experts, can get to the bottom of this soggy problem and have you back to cool comfort in no time! Let’s look at what is causing your AC to leak.

Dirty air filters

Did you forget to replace your air filter this spring? This little oversight can have big consequences. Your unit’s air filter is a reliable sentry, denying entry to the dust, pollen and other irritants that are trying to come inside your home. But when the filter becomes clogged, it forces your system to work harder to draw in air. Without sufficient air flow, your unit’s evaporator coils can become cold and frozen. Then they’ll melt, causing the leakage. Check your air filter now to see if this simple fix takes care of the water woes.

A clogged condensate drain

You may think AC is just for cooling, but your system also grabs excess moisture from the summer air, keeping your home feeling comfortably refreshed. When condensation forms on your system’s evaporator coil, it drains into a condensate pan. From there, the moisture is sent outside through a PVC pipe. If the condensate pan drain is clogged, it can back up and leak into your home. It may also shut off your unit, which can be the first sign that something is amiss. Our Ernst Heating & Cooling trained technicians flush the condensate drain during your regular spring tune-up, but you can do your part by keeping the area around your indoor unit clean and free of obstructions. If you do notice a clog, cut off the power to your unit and use a shop vacuum to remove the standing water. You may need to use a plumber’s snake to remove obstructions within the PVC drain. Or, you can call Ernst Heating & Cooling and let us do the dirty work for you.

Low refrigerant levels

Your AC system relies on refrigerant to change low-pressure gas to high-pressure liquid as it moves through the system. This helps the system remove heat from your home and replace it with the cool air you crave. If your system’s refrigerant levels are low or leaking, you may hear a hissing or bubbling noise, or you’ll see leaks around your unit. This requires a professional fix, and Ernst Heating & Cooling is here to help.

Improper installation

Did you try to cut costs when you purchased your heating and cooling system? That budget-friendly handyman may wind up costing you more than you bargained for. If your unit has been incorrectly installed, or your condensate drain line is improperly configured, you may notice draining issues or leaking. Save yourself the headache by sticking with qualified professionals like Ernst Heating & Cooling.

Don’t let a leaky AC unit dampen your summer plans. Call Ernst Heating & Cooling now at 618.217.1836 to schedule an AC tune-up or service call, or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment. Stay cool – and dry – this summer with Ernst Heating & Cooling.

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