Installing A New Heat Pump? Don't Overlook These 5 Comfort-Enhancing Features

Installing A New Heat Pump? Don’t Overlook These 5 Comfort-Enhancing Features

Whether you’re replacing a different type of heating system or upgrading your heat pump, you should keep in mind five important features. Before installing a new heat pump based on size alone, consider these features that enhance comfort and encourage greater energy savings:

  • Two-stage thermostat: This feature is valuable when the heat pump is in heating mode. The stage-one thermostat is located inside and calls for heat when the interior temperature drops. Stage two activates the backup electric resistance coils when it’s too cold outside for the heat pump to manage. This second thermostat is located outside and only activates the backup heat if the exterior temperature falls below around freezing.
  • Demand-defrost control: Every heat pump has a defrost function, but many are time-temperature defrosters. This means they send warm air back to the outdoor coil at regular intervals whether ice is forming or not. Demand-defrost models feature a sensor to tell when ice buildup is occurring, so it only sends warm air back outside when needed. This saves energy and ensures the interior stays comfortable.
  • Two-stage compressor: This device can operate at two speeds as opposed to standard compressors that can only run on high. The ability to operate on low saves energy and helps your home maintain a more steady temperature. A two-stage compressor is also a must if you have a zoning system in your home.
  • Variable-speed air handler: When combined with a two-stage compressor, a variable-speed air handler provides steady airflow at the speed required to meet the heating or cooling demand of the moment. Running the fan on low is a great way to reduce drafty feelings and lower the noise generated by the system. It also saves energy and provides superior air filtration.
  • Desuperheater: This feature can be used in the summer. While ordinary heat pumps send waste heat outside, an advanced model with a desuperheater provides you with a way to heat your home’s water. This feature essentially provides free hot water while the heat pump cools your home.

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