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Love the Planet This Year With Renewable Energy

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February is the month to spread the love, and that includes Planet Earth. How can you help the planet and save lots of money at the same time?

There are so many easy things you can do to help out Mother Nature, as well as your own pocketbook!

It doesn’t have to be difficult

You’ll see a lot of energy-efficiency blogs out there talking about hanging your clothes up to dry instead of using the dryer, or washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher. But, to be honest, these things are pretty inconvenient, and it seems silly not using the machines you’ve bought! We think a better way to save some cash is by being more efficient with your machines, not by quitting using them! One machine to use more efficiently is your HVAC system, and you can do that by turning down your heat this winter (and, of course, keeping your thermostat as high as possible in the summer).

You’re probably thinking, “I knew that already!” But, did you know that, if you lower your thermostat by just 1 degree from what you normally do this winter, you save 1% on your heating bill? That’s right! And, that’s according to the Department of Energy, which also recommends you turn your thermostat down 7 – 10 degrees[1] from where it normally is, when you go to bed at night … If you follow that logic in both winter and summer, you will save 10% on your heating bill every year!

A little cost up front goes a long way in the future

Do you have incandescent light bulbs in your house instead of LEDs? We know it would cost quite a bit to replace them all, but doing so would absolutely pay for itself in the long run! LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy[2], and last anywhere from 3 to 25 times longer.

But, did you know, this same logic can apply to your HVAC system? As in, we know that there’s a significant cost upfront to replace your HVAC system, but in the long run, doing so can save you money (plus a lot of headaches). This is because, if you’ve got a furnace that is older than 10 years old, often you’ll be spending a lot of money on repairs. Sometimes the high cost of repairs isn’t worth it and it would be better to get a high-efficiency HVAC system, because those can help you save up to 20% on your energy bills[3]!

Ask us about HVAC system upgrades

Did you know that heating your home is responsible for 40% of your energy bill costs? That means, you could easily save a few hundred dollars every year just buy upgrading to an ENERGY STAR gas furnace. These are so much more efficient and reliable than baseline models!

We want to help you save money in your Hamel home this winter. If you need a system repair, you are ready for an upgrade, or you just want to learn more about your HVAC system options, contact us online or call us at 618.217.1836!


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