On the Hunt for an HVAC Professional? Look for NATE Certification

On the Hunt for an HVAC Professional? Look for NATE Certification

When your heating and cooling equipment is having trouble, do you know whom to call? Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give much thought to choosing a reliable and professional HVAC contractor until their moment of need. But whether you’re planning ahead or are in search of immediate help, you should always make NATE certification a priority. Here’s a look at what NATE certification means, and why it’s so important when you’re selecting an HVAC professional.

What is NATE certification?

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) was founded in 1997 as a means of developing superior HVAC professionals. NATE is currently the largest non-profit organization in the United States that certifies technicians for excellence in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. To become NATE certified, a technician must undergo rigorous testing in order to display his or her thorough knowledge, comprehension, and ability to provide superior HVAC services to homeowners.

Technicians may earn a NATE certification in one, or as many specialty areas as they desire. These specialty areas may include work on air conditioning or distribution systems, gas or oil furnaces, heat pumps, work pertaining to commercial refrigeration, work with hydronics gas or oil, or as a senior HVAC efficiency analyst.

Why is NATE certification important?

Because NATE-certified technicians have displayed excellence in specific specialty areas, you can rest assured that they are truly experts in their field. This means that they will never miss an issue with your HVAC system, whether they’re completing routine preventive maintenance, are installing new equipment, or are troubleshooting and repairing a specific problem. Another advantage of utilizing NATE technicians is that they are always up-to-date on their training, as they are required to complete 60 hours of continuing education in their specialty areas in order to renew their certifications once the period ends. Ultimately, NATE technicians will take care of your needs better than anyone else.

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