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Reasons You Should Replace Your Window AC Unit

Nobody likes the idea of spending thousands of dollars on central air conditioning, which makes the window air conditioning unit an attractive option for those on a tight budget. But, unfortunately, a window air conditioner can cost you quite a bit of money in the long run, and there are other affordable options available. If you have a window unit and are thinking about an upgrade, here are a few extra reasons to splurge on it.  

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A Window Unit Can’t Cool a Large Room 

Window units are designed to cool small rooms, like a bedroom. They are all but useless to cool a large room like a living or dining room, meaning you’ll need more than one to do the job.  

If you have a bedroom with a bathroom in it, you’ll need a dehumidifier as well as a window air conditioner to prevent mold and mildew and keep the room comfortable. This increases the upfront cost of the unit, as well as your power bill since you have to run two devices to get the effect of a central or split air conditioning system.  

Window Air Conditioners Are Not Energy Efficient 

Because window units sit in an open window, much of the cool air produced can easily escape, regardless of how well you “seal” them. Window AC units have to run longer to provide the same amount of cooling that a split or central unit can provide, meaning it uses more energy. They also have lower energy ratings than central or split units, which means not only does the unit run longer to cool the air, you also pay more to run the unit.  

As stated earlier, these window units are not efficient at removing humidity, meaning you’ll most likely need several dehumidifiers to keep mold and mildew at bay during the summer months.  

Window Units Allow Heat Loss in the Winter 

It gets cold here in Illinois during the winter and if you have window air conditioning units throughout your home, you’re losing quite a bit of heat unless you take the units out and store them. If you have several units, it can be an arduous task to take each one out every winter.  

Window Air Conditioning Can Make You Sick 

Unlike central air conditioning which can easily filter the air throughout your entire home, a window air conditioning isn’t very efficient at filtering the air in the room it occupiesThese units also require regular cleaning and maintenance, and their filters are flimsy plastic screens, not HEPA filters. This means a window unit doesn’t filter very much. They are also the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which it can blow back into your home.  

Window Units Are Noisy 

Unlike a central or split air conditioner, a window unit is super noisy. Watching TV or carrying on a conversation can be difficult when the unit is running, which during the sweltering summer months will be most of the time.  

A Window Unit Isn’t Pretty 

While aesthetics isn’t a necessity, a window air conditioner in a home you are trying to sell will decrease its value. They also block the view in the window they are occupying and can be eyesores for neighbors. Let’s face it, they just aren’t pretty.  

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If you currently have a window air conditioner (or several), you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and quite a bit of money if you upgrade even to a split air conditioning system.

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