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Will a Lennox Heat Pump Work in Metro East, IL?

You may be wondering: are Lennox heat pumps a good heating and cooling option for the Metro East, Illinois climate? The answer is yes!

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Lennox Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps are different from other heating and cooling systems because they utilize the heat that is naturally produced from the earth. They work by pulling the heat from underground and redirecting it into your home. They also work the opposite way to cool your home. Therefore, a Lennox geothermal heat pump is a great energy efficient, eco-friendly option, especially in Metro East, Illinois.

Surviving the Cold Winter

But Metro East can get very cold in the winter. Would a Lennox geothermal heat pump be able to provide enough heat on the coldest days of the year? Yes. This is because underground the earth maintains a fairly consistent temperature, even during the winter. So geothermal heat pumps are ideal in almost any climate, regardless of the time of year or location. They’re an even better option in Illinois and other areas with very cold winters because they are more energy efficient than other heating options. They will keep your home nice and warm while significantly lowering the amount of money it costs to heat your home.

In fact, because of their efficiency, several Illinois public schools have converted to geothermal heat pumps in order to keep their students warm during the winter months.

And geothermal heat pumps offer added benefits such as

  • Lennox heat pump systems are extremely durable and some manufacturer’s offer warranties for up to 50 years.
  • They are a safer option than heating systems that rely on open flames.
  • Because most of the system is installed underground where it is away from the harsh weather elements, geothermal heating systems require less maintenance.

Ernst Heating & Cooling Heat Pump Installation

Lennox heat pumps are a reliable option, but it’s also important to have a heating and cooling company that you can rely on. This is especially true for heat pump installation because the underground component of each geothermal heat pump system is sized specifically for your home. If it’s not sized big enough, then it won’t produce enough heat during the coldest days of winter.

At Ernst Heating & Cooling, our professionals are not only trained for geothermal heat pump installation, but they also have years of experience successfully installing geothermal systems. We will assess your specific needs to make sure your geothermal heat pump keeps you warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer.  We’re available to answer any of your Lennox heat pump questions and get you on track toward a more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective heating and cooling system.

Contact us today for more information about heat pump installation for your Metro East home’s heating and cooling needs.

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