Springtime Allergies Bothering You Indoors? 3 HVAC Tips

Springtime Allergies Bothering You Indoors? 3 HVAC Tips That Should Help

Spring has sprung and the allergy season is here. Springtime allergies that are the result of pollen, mold and even pet dander may be bad enough when you’re outside, but can actually be worse inside your home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The inside of your home should be a comfortable refuge for allergy sufferers, a place where you can go and get away from the sneezing and the sniffling.

To ensure that you have the best air quality possible inside of your home, follow these three tips for the relief you’re inside your home.

  • Change the air filters on your HVAC system regularly. Inspect them monthly, and if they are dirty, change them. This is especially true for pet owners and smokers. Better yet, get a high-efficiency HVAC filter. They will do a better job of cleaning allergens from the air, giving you the best indoor air quality possible.
  • Seal all of your ductwork joints with metal tape or mastic sealant. By sealing leaking ducts, you keep the filtered air from your heating and cooling system as uncontaminated as possible.
  • Schedule a yearly HVAC maintenance service. The service technician will inspect and clean your heating and cooling system to keep it running at its most efficient and allergen free, and they will give you pointers on what you can do to keep it that way.

Often, indoor air quality begins with you. Here are some other ideas to keep springtime allergies at bay:

  •  Keep your windows closed as much as possible.
  • Seal your doors with weather-stripping.
  •  Use a HEPA filtered vacuum whenever you vacuum your home.

These and the tips above will give you the best indoor air quality possible, while giving you a restful haven when springtime allergies are at their peak.

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