Standby Generators -- No Power, No Problem

Standby Generators — No Power, No Problem

We have all experienced that inconvenient moment of losing power. Power outages are not only inconvenient and costly but they can be hazardous during extreme weather conditions. You can prevent the anxiety and disruption caused by a power outage by purchasing a standby generator for your home. With the help of a heating and cooling specialist and the following considerations, you can determine which type of standby generator will benefit you the most.

What is a Standby Generator:

A standby generator is effective, safe, and convenient. Most of these generators require very little user interaction and switch on automatically when a power outage occurs. Installation of the generator is also convenient; it will be connected to your natural gas line or source of propane fuel outside of your home, which means you needn’t worry about storing and pouring fuel for the generator. The generator is wired into your home’s electrical system to provide power when there is a power outage. During a loss of power, these generators can provide power to anywhere from selected appliances to your entire home, depending on which size generator you choose.

How to determine which size generator to purchase:

When determining what size standby generator is right for your situation, it’s essential to determine how much power you want available to you during a power outage. You can choose a generator that will power your essential appliances including refrigerator, lights, stove, garage door opener and other important appliances. There is also a type of generator that can power the majority of your home with limited energy consumption, and the largest type of generator that can power your entire home continuously.

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