Surge Protectors: A Simple Strip That Can Save You Energy and Money

Surge Protectors: A Simple Strip That Can Save You Energy and Money

When most people think of surge protectors, the protection of electronic equipment such as computers, televisions and video game systems comes to mind. Although surge protectors prevent damage to these devices, they can also protect your home’s HVAC equipment from damage as a result of power surges.

The Instability of the Electrical Grid

There has been quite a bit of discussion in recent years over the reliability of the United States’ electrical grid. All across the country, blackouts and brownouts have affected millions of people. Due to the instability in the electrical grid and an increase in the severity of storm systems, the possibility of a surge is very real. If an electrical surge does occur, the electrical current hitting your vulnerable equipment could fry the entire system.

Protection of Your HVAC Equipment

A surge protector is designed to divert excess power away from electrical equipment in the event of a surge. This means that appliances and devices are protected from expensive repairs or replacement. This is especially important for HVAC equipment since a single unit can cost thousands of dollars. Surge protection basically acts as an insurance policy for your heating and cooling equipment. If the installation of surge protection equipment is conducted by an HVAC technician, you may be eligible for a lifetime warranty and coverage for any equipment that’s connected to a surge protector at the time of a damaging electrical surges. (Some power jolts are so powerful that there’s nothing that can protect your electronics or appliances.)

Saving Energy with Surge Protectors

Surge protectors also can benefit homeowners due to conservation of energy. Many electronic devices such as TVs, cell-phone chargers and other devices continue to use power even when they’re turned off. By connecting these items to a surge protector, you can cut off the power going to these devices all at once by shutting down the protector when the equipment is not in use.

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