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The Best Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Finished Hamel, IL Basement

Making a basement comfortable

It’s time to bring out your inner HGTV designer to create the basement of your dreams. Gym, mancave, or guest suite, we’ve got a few tips on cooling options that will help your basement stay the right temperature all year ‘round.

There are several options, ranging in various prices that can work for your finished basement.

The easy way out

Although it may seem obvious, or old school, a fan can be a great cooling option for a basement. It’s important to keep in mind the size of your basement. Because there probably aren’t a ton of windows letting in sunlight, the basement is automatically a cooler area of the house. So when the temperature starts to slightly rise, it may be an easy fix that a box fan or two can handle.

Add an HVAC Zone

Zoning your current HVAC system to add a new zone is one of the most preferred ways to combat basement cooling. This simply means that the basement will have its own air conditioner, ductwork, and vents. The professionals at Ernst can help set up a customized, comfortable zoned system that’s just right for your lifestyle. Another zone also means that your existing HVAC system isn’t having to work harder by increasing the space it has to cool.

Go Ductless

Going ductless, in other words, installing a ductless mini split makes your basement comfortable, livable, and relaxing all while saving energy. Going ductless is a no-invasive service. In fact, all it requires is a power supply and a small hole drilled in your wall for the pipe. It’s essentially a mounted unit and an outdoor compressor that transfers air and heat from your current HVAC system to the room that you’re wanting to cool or heat. If you’re like most people, the basement is one of the most unfinished parts of your home. But there are several ways that you could finish your basement and have a comfortable space that can be utilized year-round. And the experts at Ernst can help find the right heating and cooling solutions for your new home project! Give us a call today at 618.217.1836.

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