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The HVAC System of the Future Will END All Arguments About Your Thermostat!

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Are you constantly arguing with your family members about what temperature the thermostat should be? This HVAC system will end that for good …

An HVAC system of the future, that can tell whether you’re hot or cold!

So, this system doesn’t actually exist yet, but was proposed last year by scientists from the University of Michigan[1]. The HVAC system would be attached to an infrared camera, you know, the type that shows heat signatures? On an infrared camera, red means hot, yellow is cool, and blue means cold.

This camera’s job, then, when it comes to telling whether you’re hot or cold, is reading your facial temperature. It reads the facial temperature of everyone in your home, your office, etc., and based on whether most people are too hot, too cold, or just right, it adjusts the temperature.

Who “wins”?

Your first question about this HVAC system of the future, then, is probably “What happens if half the people are too cold, and half the people are too hot? Or what if everyone is fine, except one person who is really cold?” The University of Michigan scientists didn’t say much about that, especially since this HVAC system is still in the idea phase anyway. But, they did say that the HEAT (Human Embodied Autonomous Thermostat) technology would work to ensure the comfort of the most people possible. So, if the other people in your office run hot and you run cold, well, sorry about your luck!

Privacy concerns

Another interesting feature being floated about this HVAC system of the future is that it would use facial recognition technology. Why? Well, let’s say for example you have the system in your house, and only you and your spouse are home. Your kids aren’t home at the moment. Well, at this point, the system would recognize your face and already know what temperature you prefer, and make adjustments based on that. You see, achieving the maximum amount of comfort possible for everyone in the home will vary depending on who is home.

But some people oppose this idea of combining facial recognition technology with the HEAT technology, because whether the camera is in your home, your office, or somewhere else, of course there is always a privacy concern about facial recognition technology and how it is used. In fact, people may be put off by this, enough that it outweighs the benefits of being more comfortable!

The future … and the present

Here at Ernst, we definitely think that the idea of a camera reading people’s facial temperatures, and adjusting your HVAC system, sounds very cool! But it doesn’t sound like it will actually be on the market anytime soon.

So until then, you can take advantage of our innovative Lennox air conditioners. Lennox has established itself as a leader in environmentally friendly and efficient technology, with their highly-rated ENERGY STAR products! The future is already here … in the present! If you live in the Hamel area, and you want to learn more about our systems or you need HVAC repair, just contact us online or give us a call: 618.217.1836

[1] Popular Mechanics

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