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HVAC FAILS! (And How to Avoid Them)

An outdoor A/C unit completely coated in ice

So today we’re exploring some of the worst HVAC fails and why they happened to make sure that none of these horrible pictures happen to YOU!

1. The frozen-over system

If your A/C looks about 70 degrees colder than it is outside … what just happened?? Well, it probably happened because your system can’t get proper airflow, which could occur if:

  • you didn’t change your air filter
  • the condenser is blocked
  • the ducts are leaking air
  • the condenser coils (which release the heat from your home into the outdoor air) are dirty.

All of these things could restrict HVAC system airflow, which hurts the most critical component of your A/C: the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is inside your home and uses cold refrigerant to absorb heat from your home’s air. But, if there isn’t enough air from your home passing through, then your evaporator coil gets TOO cold. Now, the refrigerant doesn’t absorb enough heat and gets too cold, and the unit can become a frozen wasteland, as you see in that picture! Usually things don’t look as crazy as that, but you never know what can happen!

2. When nature attacks

In the picture above, rats made their home in the A/C! This is a rather extreme case, because hopefully you’d notice a rat’s nest on your A/C unit. All sorts of pests can be a problem for both your HVAC system and your home. For example, termites can quickly enter your home through the holes where your HVAC system enters your home, if they aren’t sealed. It’s less likely that larger animals like mice and rats can enter through your HVAC system, although they can chew through lines the way you see in the above photo! As we said, bugs are going to be the most major pest, either in the system or by entering your home from the system. Here’s what you need to do:

Seal off vents leading outside with vent covers. This includes any vents on the basement or attic level.

Look at the landscaping around your vents and your A/C unit. Any shrubs, trees, or other foliage around any part of your HVAC system makes it more likely pests will get in your home!

Call us for an A/C tune-up! We do so many things on our tune-ups, from measuring refrigerant levels to emptying the condensate drain, to testing electrical components and operating pressures, to … Yep, looking for pests!

3. Improper installation

There are so many examples of epically bad A/C installation, furnace installation, ductwork, and more! Seeing pictures of these things is pretty funny because they’re way too ridiculous to be commonplace. Improper installation is a massive problem in the HVAC industry. Many installers will choose the wrong size furnace or ducts for your home, or they’ll assemble the ducts wrong. That means they’ll be leaky and cost you lots of money. A tech might even install pipes that are longer than necessary on your A/C, which puts strain on your A/C – similar to how if your arteries and veins were way longer than they needed to be, then it would strain your heart!

So, it’s important to hire HVAC techs with hearts … And brains! Our NATE-certified technicians must pass several written and hands-on tests to show that they are genuinely skilled in service and installation. That’s just one way Ernst works hard to do right by our customers in the Hamel area. Contact us online or call us at 618.217.1836 to schedule your appointment!

(Photos courtesy of https://hvac-hacks.com/. Thank you!)

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