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Tips for Conserving Heat in the Winter

Conserving heat in the winter

Old Man Winter is knocking on our Metro East Illinois doors, and he’ll be sticking around for a while. As the temperatures drop, homeowners may see their heating bills soar. Keep your home comfortable and your energy bills manageable with these heat-conserving tips from Ernst Heating & Cooling of Hamel, IL.

Check your thermostat

About 30 percent of your energy bill reflects home heating costs, and any adjustments can impact the bottom line. We’re not about to join your family’s temperature debate – we believe there are as many ideal temperatures as there are people! However, we encourage all our customers to experiment with lower temperatures during the winter, which can save money on their heating bills.

Are you paying to heat an empty home? A programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule that turns down the heat when you’re gone or at night when you’re snuggled under extra blankets. This will enable you to conserve heat for those hours when you need it the most.

Harness the sun

Our sun is pretty amazing. Even during the coldest day, its light can warm our indoor spaces. Keep your blinds and curtains open during the day to let the sun naturally take the cold edge off the room. Remember to keep them closed at night or on overcast days because they’ll add a layer of insulation when the sun is hiding.

Put on a sweater

At the risk of sounding like our mothers, why aren’t you dressed for the colder weather? Layers are your friend in the winter. Enjoy the turtleneck and the cute slippers. Pull out the blanket collection and have a cozy evening with the family.

Make sure the ceiling fans are spinning in a clockwise motion

During the summer months, your ceiling fan blades run counterclockwise to pull the hot air upward and push the cool air down. Switch your fans to clockwise during the cooler month so the warmer air near the ceiling is pushed back down to your level.

Make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently

A faulty furnace can make your energy bills fly high in the winter. Something as simple as the wrong thermostat setting can cause cold air to blow when you’re craving the heat. A clogged air filter will force the system to work harder to draw in air. Loose connections or dirty parts lower your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. That’s why starting the cold season with a tune-up from Ernst Heating & Cooling is so important. We may be able to identify problems early before they start to show up on the energy bills. We can also make the necessary adjustments and cleaning to ensure your HVAC system’s continued health.

Consider an upgrade

If your HVAC system has been around for over a decade, it may be time for a replacement. Older HVAC systems may lack the energy-conserving features of their newer counterparts. How do you know it’s time for something new? Your Ernst Heating & Cooling HVAC technician can tell you. HVAC equipment is a major investment, and we understand that you want to get the best comfort for your money. Talk to Ernst, and we’ll help you understand potential cost savings and financing opportunities.

At Ernst Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of heat conservation. If you’re noticing cold spots around your home, or if your energy bills seem extraordinarily high this season, call Ernst Heating & Cooling. Trust your home to the heating and cooling experts of the South Metro area. Call us now at 618.217.1836 or schedule an appointment online here. Conserve heat, keep warm, and save cash with Ernst Heating & Cooling.

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