A Variable Speed Furnace Provides 3 Significant Benefits

A Variable Speed Furnace Provides 3 Significant Benefits

There comes a time when you need to replace your furnace, and with the cold weather setting in, many Metro East homeowners have come to the same conclusion. Fortunately, homeowners can now save money, enjoy better air quality, and have more control over the temperature in their homes thanks to the variable speed furnace.

How Does a Variable Speed Furnace Work?

A variable speed furnace has an indoor air blower motor that runs at different speeds, depending on the requirements of your home. The furnace has sensors designed to regulate flue flow rate through the burner, which permits a high level of precision in terms of the amount of warm air delivered to your home.

On a mild winter day, the furnace will run for longer but at a lower setting. This means you’ll have a warm house, without the inefficiency of a traditional furnace that needs to start and stop to create the same effect. On a really cold day, the furnace will run at maximum capacity.

The Three Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace

  1. A variable speed furnace is more efficient than a traditional furnace, partly because of the advanced technology in the blower motor and partly because of the way the system operates. You will save money on energy bills when the fan runs at a lower setting, requiring less electricity, even if it operates for longer.
  2. You also have more control over how you heat your home, which means increased comfort. Furthermore, the fan on a variable speed furnace runs nearly continuously. It simply runs at a low setting, so it constantly circulates warm air throughout your home. This provides better air filtration year round and dehumidification in the summer, when the furnace is serving as the A/C blower. It’s also quieter than a traditional furnace.
  3. With a variable speed furnace, you have more control over temperature. Due to its lengthier run cycle and variable speeds, it improves your HVAC system’s capacity to maintain a constant temperature, regardless of how the temperature fluctuates outside.

For more expert advice on buying and installing a variable speed furnace and tips and tricks to help you maintain a comfortable home, please contact us at Ernst Heating & Cooling. We’ve been helping homeowners in Metro East Illinois communities achieve maximum comfort since 1954.

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