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What Does a Boiler Do?

Learn How a Boiler Could Benefit Your Madison County Home

Let’s start off by going over the purpose boilers serve. Simply put, boilers create steam for your home, which can be used in a variety of ways. Boilers are capable of heating the air in your home, keeping a hot tub or pool warm, steam cleaning carpets, and even heating the water that comes out of your shower or faucet. Why is steam a great heating solution for so many Illinois homeowners? Steam, is a light, inexpensive, and safe medium that transports heat from where it is created, to where it is needed in the home. Because steam is so light weight, it requires minimal energy to move and its dense makeup allows it to hold more heat than just air alone.

How Does A Boiler Work?

So how does this piece of equipment work? In simple terms, a boiler heats water to create steam and then disperses the steam to the rest of your home through pipes or radiators. How is the water heated in the first place? This typically happens by using natural gas or electricity to heat the entire tank. Once the water has been turned to steam, it is used to warm water or is pumped through the house via pipes or radiators to increase the indoor air temperature.

Benefits of a Boiler for Your Illinois Home

Boilers offer many different benefits to homeowners, helping to reduce utility costs and increase home comfort. Because boilers are able to heat the air and water in your home, you can now rely on this single unit to do the job instead of two separate units.

A high efficiency boiler is sure to provide your family with efficient heating for years to come. Newer models have been designed with energy efficiency ratings as high as 97 percent! This means that 97 percent of the boiler’s energy is being directly transferred into the heat that reaches your rooms. What else makes high efficiency boilers a great choice for homeowners?

Boilers make home heating easy with:

  • Lower Utility Bills.Save money on home heating when you switch to a high efficiency boiler.
  • Programmable Controls.Boilers work well with programmable thermostats, making them user-friendly for any homeowner. With these controls, you can set various heating zones within your home and preset temperatures for different times of the day. Monitor your energy use and see how efficient your heating is during the winter months using a programmable thermostat for your boiler.
  • Clean air. Dust particles, pollen, and other allergens won’t be able to enter your home through boiler heating. Since a boiler warms air that already exists in your home, no new or dirty air is entering your space.
  • Quiet operation. Boilers provide some of the quietest heating solutions for Illinois homeowners. You should find that all major noise is confined within the boiler itself.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits a boiler can bring to your home or commercial property? Contact Ernst Heating & Cooling today to speak with an HVAC technician.

Gas & Electric Boiler Installation in Madison County

Since 1951, our company has been providing Madison County homeowners with quality heating and air conditioning solutions. Whether you will use your boiler to heat the air or water in your home, it’s important to choose an energy efficient model that can keep up with your heating demands. Our trained HVAC professionals at Ernst Heating & Cooling have the experience and expertise needed to properly install your new boiler.

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