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What Happens on Installation Day?


So, your special day has finally arrived! No, we’re not talking about your wedding day, we’re talking about the day your new HVAC system is installed … what can you expect?

Before installation

We are assuming you already know a little bit about what to expect before your new HVAC system arrives, if you already had a contractor come out and assess your home. The contractor takes many things under consideration in order to determine what kind of new system you need. The contractor probably measured the size of your home; considered how much natural light enters different rooms in your home; the local climate; the overall condition of your home; etc. to do some calculations about what system is best for you. And so, the contractor may have also recommended other related services such as attic insulation, or resealing and weatherproofing your home. So based on everything the contractor has told you so far, you already have a bit of an idea about what to expect on HVAC installation day.

What to expect from your price estimate

When the contractor comes out to give you an estimate and you accept, you will also get a job estimate form that includes:

  • Every single task the contractors will do on installation day
  • Cost of each task
  • Cost of additional materials
  • Cost of clean-up
  • Warranty information

With every aspect of your new HVAC installation outlined like this, you now have a pretty good idea of what to expect on installation day. But if you feel like any information is missing from the estimate form, then talk to the contractor BEFORE you sign anything!

The big day

The time has finally arrived! (Isn’t it exciting?) The HVAC crew, usually a main contractor and then a couple of assistants, will begin setting up. If you’re wondering whether you should do anything to prepare for their arrival, not necessarily. It’s up to the crew to lay drop cloths and wear shoe covers indoors, so they don’t make a mess in your home! And it is also up to the crew to move your furniture and other belongings near where they will be working, so these things are out of the way, and nothing gets damaged. However, this is also something you can do yourself — moving your furniture and breakable valuables out of the way — if you feel more comfortable.

Then, you may see the crew going in the attic, basement, or even crawl space, because parts of your HVAC system are in all of these areas. It’s a lot of work and a lot of noise to dismantle an old HVAC system, but we’ll try not to disturb you too much, or create too much dust. That’s another reason why we get your furniture out of the way, and lay down drop cloths: because there is quite a bit of dust generated in the HVAC installation process.

Everything will go smoothly!

Although it’s rare, there are some occasions where unforeseen repairs pop up that were not on your estimate form. Studs in your walls that have rotted away, electrical issues, or ductwork problems that could not have been visually seen when we first did the estimate!

However, the odds are greatly in the favor of everything going well, and then we will do our final test of the system is pressures and refrigerant. Last but not least, we’ll stick around to answer any questions you may have … and that’s everything you can expect on installation day! You might say that you can “expect the EXPECTED” when installing a new HVAC system from Ernst. That is, if you expect great service!

If you’re a Hamel, Illinois resident in need of HVAC replacement, or any other service, contact us online or call us at 618.217.1836.

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