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Help, I Don’t Know if I Have an A/C Warranty!


It’s great to have an air conditioner that is still under warranty. But what if you’re not sure whether your system is?

Don’t panic! Help is on the way. Today we’re going to guide you through how to figure out whether you still have a warranty.


You might have been required to register your system in order for it to be under warranty, so you might remember doing that. Or you might not remember doing that, which is probably why you’re reading this article … And that’s OK! If you don’t recall whether or not you ever registered your system for a warranty, then you’re going to want to contact the HVAC company that installed your unit (like us!) to confirm.

If you’re sure you registered, but are not certain how long your warranty lasts, or want to know other information about your warranty, then read on:

Find the sticker

As you might know, the first step to check whether or not you have a warranty is to find the model number or serial number of your HVAC system. But maybe you don’t know where the sticker (called a data sticker) is located on your air conditioner – let alone where the serial number is, with such tiny text on the sticker!

Usually, the place where you’re going to find this sticker is on the back of the unit, next to where the refrigerant valves and coolant tubes are. Another common spot for the information sticker is on one of the air conditioner’s corner posts.

Then, once you have found the sticker, getting the model number and serial number is easy. These numbers should be at the top. But keep in mind, rather than stating the model number and serial number, often there will be the acronyms “M/N” and “S/N.” Now that you know these numbers, you can call the A/C dealer at their customer service number. Or, you can go to their website, put in your serial number, and look up the information about your A/C warranty that way!

Bonus tip:

If you’re buying a new home, ask if there is already a warranty on the air conditioner (and furnace), and if that existing warranty could be transferred to you, the new homeowner.

Now that’s being a smart buyer!

We want to help you with all your A/C-related questions. And we want to serve you in addition to educating you! If you’re in Metro East Illinois and need our help, contact us online or call us at 618.217.1836.

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