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What’s the perfect temperature energy-wise for your home?

perfect temperature energy-wise for your home?

Summer is here, and you’re trying to stay cool in your Metro-East home without heating your energy bills. Have you ever wondered what temperature best keeps you comfortable and cost-conscious? With today’s record inflation, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned income, but you also want to be able to cool off in your home. Ernst Heating & Cooling looks at the recommended indoor temperatures and tells you how you can find the best temp for your home and family.

Listen to the experts

The U.S. Department of Energy claims that 78°F is the sweet spot between comfortably cool and reasonably cost-effective. Remember, this recommendation is all relative. When it’s sweltering outside, 78°F may be blissful. This temperature may still be sweat-inducing when the air is cooler or with high humidity. Remember, there are a lot of experts and data available to help you make your argument for cooler temps. Are you working at home? One study claims that 70°F to 73°F helps you stay productive. These numbers are good starting points for thermostat negotiations, but each person may have a different comfort zone.

Small changes make a difference in your energy bills

According to the Department of Energy, you’ll save roughly 3% on your energy bill for each degree dropped on your thermostat. If 78°F is uncomfortable, can you instead handle 73°F? Consider a gradual approach. If you’ve been living with indoor temperatures in the 60s, try setting your thermostat at 70°F for a few days. If nobody complains, add a degree every couple of days and see how you do.

Join a fan club

Fans don’t necessarily cool down the air, but they make you feel cooler by evaporating perspiration and helping your body release heat. You may discover that a small, portable fan cools you down enough to keep the whole-house temperature at a higher setting. Fans may also be the answer to that “one person” in your family who always feels hotter than everyone else.

Consider a dehumidifier

You’ve heard the adage about how it’s not the heat; it’s the humidity. Controlling your indoor humidity levels can help you stay comfortable. If you notice clammy skin, sticky surfaces, or stuffy air inside your home, let Ernst Heating & Cooling determine whether a dehumidifier can make a difference.

Despite multiple studies and research, finding a one-size-fits-all indoor temperature for your Metro-East home is impossible. But if saving money is your goal, experiment with higher temperatures and other strategies for keeping your cool indoors. Remember, a well-maintained air conditioner can save you money on your energy bills and add years to your unit’s lifespan. Ernst Heating & Cooling is your cooling expert. It’s not too late to call us for an A/C tune-up at 618.217.1836. You can also reach out online.

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