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Why Indoor Air Quality is So Important

The importance of air quality

You may think air quality is an outdoor problem, but did you know that some pollutants are two to five times more likely to be found in indoor air? Poor air quality can lead to several health ailments, especially among vulnerable populations. At Ernst Heating & Cooling, our commitment goes beyond keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Our air quality solutions help ensure that the air inside your home stays clean and keeps your family healthy throughout the year.

What’s in the air?

Say “air pollution,” You may think about urban factories with smoke from their chimneys. While manufacturing is one source of air pollution, other culprits may be less obvious:

  • Allergens like pollen and pet dander can be irritating to people with allergies.
  • Asbestos, a fibrous material used in the construction of older buildings, is hazardous to humans.
  • Biological pollutants like fungi and viruses.
  • Formaldehyde can be found in particular pressed wood furniture and carpets. It can also be found in glue, paints, and adhesives.
  • Lead may be found in the paint of older homes.
  • Mold can thrive in damp places.
  • Pesticides used to kill or control insects and rodents can be hazardous.
  • Radon is a gas found in the soil that may enter your home.
  • Smoke from cigarettes or wood-burning fireplaces contains toxic chemicals.
  • Volatile organic compounds are found in paints, varnishes, and wax.

Pollutants can have different effects on different people, depending on the amount and the person who is exposed. Some allergens can create an immediate reaction, like coughing and sneezing. Other pollutants can be more insidious, building up over time and causing many problems.

Health effects of poor indoor air quality

Indoor air pollutants can cause both immediate and long-term health concerns. Some people may notice they’re coughing more inside their homes. They can experience eye irritation, nasal congestion, headaches, dizziness, or fatigue. It’s not always easy to identify the source of the irritation. Still, if someone notices they’re only experiencing symptoms at home, they may want to consider indoor air solutions.

Over the longer term, repeated exposure to indoor air pollutants can lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease, or cancer. However, it is essential to realize that there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how much exposure can lead to severe ailments and whether every person has the same vulnerabilities to these health concerns.

Indoor air quality solutions

Thanks to modern technology, people have options for clearing their indoor air. Sometimes it’s as easy as changing your HVAC unit’s air filter, which can grab everything from larger dust particles to tiny pollutants like dust and pollen.

Consider purchasing a whole-house air filtration system for the best indoor air quality. Ernst Heating & Cooling installs Lennox® Healthy Climate solutions. Depending on the model you choose, these systems can remove more than 95 percent of air pollution particles.

Air quality solutions are available to every homeowner at different filter strengths and price points. If you’re interested in discovering more, contact Ernst Heating & Cooling to discuss which air quality solution is right for you. Call us at 618.217.1836 or schedule your appointment online now! Breathe easily with Ernst Heating & Cooling.

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