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Air Conditioner Repair in Macoupin County, IL

air conditioning repair in Macoupin County

Macoupin County AC Repair Services

A functioning air conditioner can make all the difference in your home comfort levels during the summer months. So, what do you do if your AC unit isn’t keeping your home cool? Similar to how you can find iconic, original pavement from Route 66 in Nilwood, and Deck’s Pharmacy and soda fountain in Girard, we want our air conditioner repair service to be historic and memorial throughout Illinois.

With professional technicians and years of experience, you can rely on us to service all air conditioner makes and models. Our certified HVAC experts will diagnose problems you’re experiencing and provide honest feedback and fair pricing.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Whether you’re in Scottville, Shipman, Gillespie, Girard, Carlinville, or somewhere in between—a broken air conditioner during the summertime is never ideal. You need your home cooling system to keep you and your family comfortable! Because of that, we offer quality AC repair services and reliable HVAC products throughout Macoupin County!

We aim to achieve perfect home comfort for you and your family, especially during the warmer months. If you can’t escape the high temperatures and hot sun in your own house, you need to let the professionals take a look at your AC unit.

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

Whether you live near Blackburn College, Beaver Dam State Park, Goodes Woods Nature Park, or closer to Otter Lake, you’ll almost certainly run into issues with your AC unit at some point. At Ernst Heating & Cooling, we have experience diagnosing and treating the following issues:

  • Low refrigerant – Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within the unit. A low level of refrigerant is usually a sign of a leak, which requires an immediate air conditioner repair since chemical refrigerant can be dangerous.
  • Frozen coil – The coils inside your central AC unit can freeze up even during the brutal heat of summer. If airflow over the coils is impaired, the moisture remains on the extremely cold coils, quickly freezing. Frozen AC coils can cause many problems, including reduced cooling capacity and compressor failure. One way to avoid frozen coils is to replace the air conditioner’s filters at least every three months.
  • Malfunctioning fan – If the fan on the outside unit isn’t working correctly, it can’t conduct proper heat transfer. That can then lead to compressor damage, which is a much more prominent problem.
  • Water leaks – Leaking water can indicate a blocked drain pipe, a rusty condensate pan, or a few other problems. If you discover water leaking from your AC unit, call Ernst at 618.217.1836 right away. Water leaks can lead to mold and mildew.
  • Unusually loud operation – Is the noise from your air conditioner driving you crazy? Loud noises usually mean something is broken or displaced inside, like a fan belt or other moving part. You should schedule a repair service when you hear these noises so the part doesn’t completely wear off or lead to more damage.

If your air conditioning system is on the verge of a breakdown, call Ernst Heating & Cooling at 618.217.1836 today!

Benefits of Proper AC Maintenance

Scheduling regular, routine maintenance for your air conditioner is key to keeping your unit running smoothly all year round. Plus, it can help us to catch small problems before they cause major damage. At Ernst, our air conditioning tune-ups include:

  • Professional inspection – Our comprehensive air conditioner inspection includes checking the thermostat, controls, condensate drain, refrigerant level, and all moving parts. We carefully examine every element for safety and performance issues.
  • Cleaning – We thoroughly clean your air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils to help keep them running more efficiently and for a longer period of time. We also clean the blower to create increased airflow.
  • Lubrication – Poor lubrication can affect every aspect of an air conditioner’s performance. We will examine all moving parts and make sure they are fully lubricated.
  • Tightening and adjustments – Loose electrical connections can cause safety issues and shorten the lifespan of your system. Our technicians will test and adjust blower components and motor voltage and currents when necessary.

Learn more about our precision air conditioning tune-ups in Hettick, Standard City, Plainview, and other areas in Macoupin County, Illinois!

Choose Ernst for AC Repair in Macoupin County

With our 24-hour emergency repair services, you don’t have to suffer under the summer sun! Trust our reliable technicians to repair and maintain your HVAC system. When you choose Ernst, you can also take advantage of our:

  • Flat Rate Pricing – After our service technicians determine the problem with your air conditioner, they will tell you exactly how much the repair will be. Even if the repair takes longer than expected, you will only have to pay the quoted price.
  • Honest Consultations – In some cases, it may make more sense to invest in a new high efficiency system that qualifies for federal tax credits, utility company rebates, or manufacturer rebates. Plus, in many cases, updated models can also lower your monthly utility bills! These are the kind of options and recommendations our service technicians will discuss with you, so that you can make an informed decision to fix or replace your air conditioner.

Give us a call at 618.217.1836 today for air conditioner repairs in Macoupin County, Illinois.

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