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Help! My Air Conditioner Keeps Freezing!

When summer hits your Metro East Illinois home, you want your air conditioning system to provide the cool, reliable relief you depend on. But what happens when your system starts getting too cool? If you’ve got a system that is trying its best to become an ice cube maker, it’s time to call in the professionals!

At Ernst Heating & Cooling, we’ve been providing quick, effective solutions to our clients for decades! When you need dependable, high-quality cooling service and air conditioner repair, you can always count on our team of certified HVAC experts.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing?

If you’re having trouble with a freezing system, you might be wondering at the cause. There are actually a few! Some may be more common than others, but all of these are possible:

Bad Air Flow

Your system was designed to handle a very specific amount of air flow in order to operate properly and provide the cooling you’ve come to expect. If this is impeded in any way, it can cause pressure drops in your system that can result in freezing. Air flow can be negatively impacted by things such as:

  • A dirty filter. During peak usage, your system’s air filter should be changed out (or cleaned, if it’s reusable) every month for the best results. In homes that use an air conditioner infrequently, you might be able to wait a month, but we really wouldn’t recommend this.
  • Closed vents. Some folks think a closed vent equals more efficient cooling, but that’s a fallacy. Closing vents alters how your system moves air, and your air conditioner was designed and installed to service your specific square footage and number of rooms.
  • Damage to the blower motor. A common but unfortunate cause, a damaged motor will have to be replaced by an HVAC specialist.
  • Clogged ductwork. Admittedly, this issue is a bit of an outlier. For your ducts to be impeding air flow, you would need one heck of a clog. But, it has been known to happen, and we’ve located sizable clogs during professional maintenance in the past.

Low Refrigerant

Technically, saying “low refrigerant” is a bit of a misnomer. While it’s actually the case, your system doesn’t use up refrigerant at all. The only thing that can alter the amount in your system is a leak or internal damage.

But that aside, a refrigerant leak will cause persistent freeze ups in no time. Sound odd? It does to lots of homeowners. This can cause freezes because even though refrigerant is low, your system acts as though there’s nothing wrong, and the amount of refrigerant that is still in your system will be forced to expand far past its capacity.

This causes a drop in the temperature of your coolant, which isn’t supposed to happen in certain stages of your system’s processes (specifically when the refrigerant is being heated by the compressor).

Are These Issues Repairable?

Possibly. In the case of poor air flow, most problems can be diagnosed and addressed by a professional. We have the skill and experience to locate the problem, and our experts can provide the service you need to get the cool comfort you crave restored.

However, in the case of a refrigerant leak, you’re honestly better off seeking air conditioner replacement. Simply refilling refrigerant can help for a time, but that will not fix the leak, and the problem will resurface eventually.

Madison County Air Conditioner Repair

Don’t let your family swelter in the summer heat. If your air conditioner gives out unexpectedly, you need a reliable and experienced HVAC company that’s knows the ins and outs of your air conditioning system. With Ernst Heating & Cooling, you can rest assured knowing you have professionals on the job. Need emergency air conditioner repair? We do that too! 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call Ernst Heating & Cooling at 618.217.1836 for reliable, expert air conditioning repair in the Madison County, Illinois area.

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