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What Should I Do If My Ductless Mini-Split Won’t Turn On?

An Illinois summer is nothing to take lightly. We might not have the scorching temperatures of other areas of the U.S., but there’s still plenty of heat to go around—and humidity to boot! Luckily, we have our excellent cooling systems to provide the relief we so desperately need. But what if the ductless system you rely on refuses to blow cool air? Or worse yet, what if it refuses to operate at all?

At Ernst Heating & Cooling, our certified specialists are accustomed to handling all kinds of air conditioner concerns. We work hard to carry all of the knowledge and skill needed to bring you reliable mini-split system services and we can guarantee the solutions you need!

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Reasons Your Ductless Mini-Split Is Not Turning On

We know you pay good money for your comfort, and there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a ductless mini-split system that stubbornly refuses to do its job! This can happen for a number of reasons, so we’ll detail some of the more common causes for a system that isn’t operating. But you could always cut out the middle man and contact the HVAC experts!

If your ductless mini-split system is not turning on, it could be due to:

  • Operator error.  It may seem like a goofy mistake, but honestly, we’ve answered quite a few calls for ductless mini-split repair only to find that the homeowner wasn’t using the correct settings. Before you commit to a costly repair visit, be sure your system is set to “on” and “cool”. It could be by accident—or simply forgetfulness—but hey, it happens all the time. We’re not pointing any fingers!
  • Poor airflow. In the event of poor airflow, your system probably won’t totally refuse to kick on, but it might feel that way. A system with clogged filters, a faulty blower, or dust-choked outdoor units will barely blow air at all, and you’ll be lucky if what little air it moves is cool.
  • Refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant leaks can cause a number of problems, including warm air and system freezing. If your mini-split freezes up due to a leak, it will in fact refuse to operate until it thaws. But don’t kick it back on if this happens! It will only freeze again in short order. This problem absolutely requires professional assistance.
  • Electrical issues. These can actually be a variety of problems. The external unit might have tripped its breaker, indicating a larger electrical issue or bad breaker. It’s also possible that wiring or major electrical components have worn out or have become compromised through general wear or age.
  • Broken thermostats. Malfunctioning thermostats are actually a fairly common cause for mini-split systems not working. If your system refuses to operate and there are no obvious external issues, you could simply have a worn out thermostat. This will necessitate a thermostat replacement, unfortunately, but at least the solution is quick!

So, What Can I Do to Fix My Ductless Mini-Split System?

Assuming your problem wasn’t the first one listed, you should call in the experts. At Ernst Heating & Cooling, we’ve been keeping our neighbors in Hamel, Edwardsville, Troy, and the surrounding areas comfortable for over 65 years!

We carry the skills and tools needed to diagnose and repair your mini-split system quickly and effectively, restoring the comfort you need to fight off our musty summers. There are lots of times where playing DIY hero is a lot of fun, but this isn’t one of them!

To prevent mini-split issues and breakdowns, we always recommend ductless mini-split maintenance on a regular basis. This can help catch minor issues before they turn into costly repairs and extend the life of your system before replacement is needed.

Reliable Mini-Split Repair & Service in Hamel, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon & Metro East Illinois

The teams at Ernst Heating & Cooling have been providing superior service and solutions for our patrons for a long time now. Our service is fully guaranteed, trustworthy, and guaranteed to exceed expectations!

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