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Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell like Mildew?

Summer is here and if you switch on your air conditioning system only to discover a moldy, musty smell, you may be alarmed. The smell of mildew can certainly make your home uncomfortable. When you turn on your AC you expect cold air that will leave your home feeling comfortable, not a smell that will deter you from even wanting to turn your air conditioning unit on!

Notice a strange odor coming for your air conditioning system? If you suspect mildew growth, it’s time for professional help. The team at Ernst Heating & Cooling can help you turn your home back into a comfortable space.

Your home deserves only the very best in cooling services. If you’re looking to replace, repair, or install a new air conditioning system, the specialists at Ernst Heating & Cooling have the answer. Contact us today!

Reasons Why Your AC System Smells like Mildew

The smell of mildew not only stinks up your house quickly, but can also set you on edge wondering if the air in your home is healthy to breathe. If you smell a mold or mildew when you turn on your air conditioner for the first time this summer, it could be due to one of these reasons.

  • Your Air Filter – If your air filter is clogged or has excess moisture, it can quickly turn into mildew. Check your filters and if they are dirty or dusty, switch them out with clean filters.
  • Moisture in Your Ductwork – If your ducts are not sealed properly, they may be more susceptible to excess moisture. This moisture can quickly build up—causing mold and mildew to grow! Once you have a mildew problem in your ducts, it can quickly spread and become a problem in your home.
  • A Clogged Drip Pan – Your air conditioner’s drip pan is important when it comes to getting rid of moisture. If your drip pan is clogged, water will build up. This water is stagnant and can quickly become moldy, and the mildew can then spread throughout your AC system.
  • A Clogged Condensate Line – If your condensate drain line is clogged, it won’t be able to do its job of removing condensation from your AC’s coils. If you notice a clog, contact a professional right away. Without help, mildew could start to accumulate on your coils.

If you experience a mildew smell in your home and it’s not due to a dirty air filter—call an expert! Trying to ignore the issue could lead to more build-up which may eventually affect the health of those in your home! The team at Ernst Heating & Cooling can help troubleshoot your mildew problem, doing the necessary repairs and replacement so that the air in your home can start feeling and smelling fresh again.

Cooling Services in the Hamel, IL Area

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