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Can an Old Thermostat Cost You Money on Your Energy Bill?

Can an old thermostat effect heating bill

The holidays are over, and you’re looking for ways to adjust your budget and save some cash. Let’s talk about thermostats and energy bills. Are you relying on an old, manual thermostat to tell your HVAC system when it’s time to kick on? You may be costing yourself extra money. See how a new thermostat from Ernst Heating & Cooling can keep your Metro East utility bills from rising as the winter temps fall.

The programmable thermostat vs. the smart thermostat

Thermostats have come a long way in the past couple of decades. You may have heard the terms “programmable thermostats” and “smart thermostats” used interchangeably, but they have similarities and differences. Both thermostats allow you to set a schedule for your home temperature. For instance, you can set your programmable and smart thermostats to drop a few degrees at night, when you’re going to be nice and warm under the covers. But smart thermostats go a few steps further by learning your family’s habits and automatically creating a schedule if that’s what you want. Smart thermostats also work via Wi-Fi, so you can lower your Midwest home temperature in February while you’re sitting on a Florida beach enjoying a well-deserved tropical vacation.

How can a new thermostat save you money?

Whether you opt for a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat, you’re gaining an advantage over the old manual models:

Precision temperature control: If your comfort zone is 68°F, you can set your thermostat to 68°F and know that’s where your home is going to stay. Compare that to the manual thermostat, which relies on a gentle nudge as you channel your inner Little Red Riding Hood to find a setting that’s just right.

You’re not paying to heat or cool an empty house: Is your home empty during the day, when you’re at work and the kids are at school? Why are you paying to heat an empty home? While you don’t want to turn off the heat completely – an unheated home can lead to burst pipes or broken appliances – you can program your new thermostat to keep things cooler during the day and warm up your home just before everyone returns in the evening.

You receive timely maintenance reminders: New thermostats tell you when it’s time to change your air filter or call Ernst Heating & Cooling for service. Hint: Take advantage of the Ernst Comfort Plan to enjoy priority scheduling and discounts.

Smart thermostats take your home comfort to another level, with high-tech features that can save you up to 8% on your heating and cooling bills. That’s because smart thermostats do some of the thinking for you and help you make the most economical decisions about how you heat and cool your home:

  • Personalized scheduling: Your smart thermostat can learn your family’s schedule and create a heating program based on your daily needs. If you find you’re adjusting the thermostat by a degree or two, a smart thermostat can “remember” your favorite temperature and keep it there.
  • Remote control: With a smart thermostat, you can check your home’s temperature from your phone, no matter where you are. We’re not saying the kids like to hike up the heat while you’re gone. We’re just saying it’s nice to be able to keep an eye on your home’s temperature!
  • Geofencing technology: A smart thermostat may be able to track your location, adjusting your home’s temperature when you’re gone. But, bear in mind that this technology only works if everyone in the home uses a smartphone. Some people complain that this technology runs down their phone batteries as well.
  • Energy-saving feedback: Your smart thermostat can track your energy use and tell you how you can make little adjustments to decrease your energy costs over time.

What’s best for you? There’s no one-size-fits-all thermostat, which is why Ernst Heating & Cooling offers several different options. If you’re ready to consider a new thermostat, contact Ernst Heating & Cooling at 618.217.1836 or fill out our online form. We’ll help you choose a new thermostat that meets your family’s needs and fits your family budget.

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