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How to Know if Your A/C Is Low on Freon

Freon gauge checks level

Summer is coming, and with Ernst Heating & Cooling, we’ll make sure the sweat stops here! Keep your family’s home more comfortable during rising temperatures with an A/C unit that’s working at full capacity. If you think your A/C may be low on freon, check out these signs to watch for in your Metro East Illinois home.

A warmer home

The first sign of an A/C unit low on freon is that your home is warmer than normal. If your system is taking a long time to cool your home, or the vents are blowing warm air rather than cold, this could be a sign of low freon. Watch your thermostat to see if the temperature you’ve set is reached quickly (or at all), and if not, you may need more freon. However, there is a chance that these could be signs of other A/C problems as well, so your best bet is to call the Ernst professionals for a maintenance tune-up.

Icy buildup on your unit

One sign that is almost always related to low freon levels is an icy buildup on your outdoor A/C unit or the evaporator coil line. Ice outside is very noticeable on a hot summer day, and it is formed because of the drop in pressure with low refrigerant. The copper tubing or evaporator coil will get unusually cold, and then humidity from the returning air will bead up and freeze. If this happens, make sure to turn off your A/C so that it can defrost and give an Ernst technician a call to repair the unit and refill your freon.

Bubbling or hissing

If you notice your air conditioner is making a hissing or bubbling noise, it’s another common sign that your freon is low due to a leak. A professional HVAC company like Ernst must repair a leak in your HVAC system. Our certified and experienced technicians are available for both regular maintenance and 24/7/365 emergency service. We’ve seen every problem there is, so we can get your system repaired quickly and have your family comfortable again in no time.

Higher utility bills

No one wants to spend extra money when they don’t have to, so tracking your utility bills from month to month can be a great way to watch for issues with your HVAC system. When your A/C unit is low on freon (or has another maintenance need), it will have to work harder to cool your home, driving up your electricity costs. If you’ve noticed a higher than average utility bill, contact Ernst for an A/C tune-up before a small leak or simple fix turns into an expensive emergency repair.

We’re happy to inspect your A/C unit for freon or other issues to help keep your family cool this summer. Call us today at 618.217.1836 to schedule your next professional HVAC visit!

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