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What Should I Look for in an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

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Keeping your HVAC system in top working condition will keep your family comfortable all year long. With the Ernst Comfort Plan from Ernst Heating & Cooling in Madison County, Illinois, you’ll enjoy regularly scheduled maintenance, discounts and more! We’ll spot problems before they happen, all for a reasonable price. Learn more about what you should look for in your next HVAC maintenance agreement.

Seasonal tune-ups included

When you invest in the Ernst Comfort Plan, you’ll get two precision tune-ups per year included in your agreement. We’ll come out in the spring to prepare your air conditioner for summer, and again in the fall to make sure your furnace is in top condition for winter. Precision tune-ups from Ernst include an inspection of every element of your HVAC system, as well as cleaning and lubrication. We’ll also check your electrical connections and components to ensure that your unit is working at top efficiency.

Special discounts and savings

Your HVAC maintenance agreement should also provide you with additional discounts on goods and services. With the Ernst Comfort Plan, you’ll get a 15% discount on any necessary repairs to your system, plus a 15% discount on the top-quality filters offered at Ernst. On top of these special discounts, you’ll also save money on your utility bills with a properly maintained system and reduce the risk of expensive emergency repairs. If you do end up with a large repair or HVAC replacement bill, we also offer financing plan options through several reputable national companies.

Priority scheduling

Investing in an HVAC maintenance agreement means that you are making your home’s system a priority. Your HVAC company should make you a priority, too! At Ernst, our Comfort Plan customers receive priority scheduling that fits regular maintenance into your busy life. And no more worrying about forgetting to schedule your next technician visit; we’ll call you directly to set up your tune-up appointments twice a year.

Dependable service

An HVAC maintenance agreement means nothing without service you can depend on. At Ernst, our professional technicians are certified in HVAC technology and receive continuing education with a minimum one hour of training each week. Ernst HVAC technicians strive for positive relationships with our homeowners to ensure they remain customers for life. With our company servicing your HVAC system year after year, you can depend on professionals who know you, your home and your system well.

Knowledge and options

In addition to reliability, Ernst technicians will make sure that you understand what steps they are taking to maintain your HVAC system. They’ll let you know how long to expect their visit to take, how much it will cost and why they are performing each task. If there are options for how to keep your system in working condition, they’ll present them for you to choose. With the Ernst Comfort Plan, you’ll always have the peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can to reduce the risk of an HVAC breakdown!

If you’re ready to join the Ernst Comfort Plan for service to your Hamel-area home, contact us today at 618.217.1836 or schedule a visit online to learn more.

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